Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nail Fetish

Gosh, I think I already run out of topics to write so here I am posting my nails, lol! It just amazed me that my friend, Vic loves to take a photo of my hands. And since they look okay in the photos, then I just have to post them here. :)

This one was taken during the farewell party of a friend. They made me hold this bottle of water. I was laughing since the pose for my hand looks awkward (for us, that is! wahaha!). Vic took this one and I simply love it! (nail polish was from Essie - forgot the shade)

We had coffee at Starbucks Clark and while I was enjoying my green tea frappe, Vic already got a paparazzi shot of my hand! Then I realized, I am no longer an effective model for photos (as if I have been one, duh) but my hands and nails are, heheh! (nail polish was the cheapo but ever reliable Caronia tahiti brown)

This last photo was taken by myself. I was about to text someone then I saw my hands - I know I just have to take a narcissistic photo of my hands right there and then. (nail polish was from Elianto, the shade is violet red).

Anyway, I did my assignment and checked some tips on how to take care of our nails. Check these out:

  1. Make sure to file your nails in one direction. Never file your nails back and forth since this will damage or break your nails. Avoid also using the metal board file.
  2. Apply cuticle oil to your nails to moisturize them and prevent them from being brittle. You can actually buy some cheap ones at Watsons - I have the Bobbie cuticle oil. But if you have the budget then you can get Essie's apricot cuticle oil or the Opi brush on cuticle oil.
  3. To prevent brittle nails, you can also use calcium gel or if you want to do it the natural way, use garlic. Just rub the garlic on your nail and let it sit for an hour. You can then wash your hands and apply lemon or calamansi to remove the smell of garlic.
  4. If you will apply nail polish, make sure that you first put a layer of base coat to prevent your nails from turning yellow. You can also apply lemon juice on the nails to remove the color. You can also combine whitening toothpaste to the lemon juice for better results.
  5. And lastly, always wash your hands to prevent nail fungal infection. It also helps to take in vitamins or calcium supplements and the right food to maintain healthy nails.


Summer said...

Great post fren,,;D
Thanks for sharing that simple information but so important.;D
Now i know how to take care of my nails..;D
Have a nice day.;D

popcorn said...

you have pretty nails.

inggit ako. I can't seem to let go of my nail-biting habit pag na st stress.

Mich said...

wow, sis, ang ganda ng nails and fingers mo! kainggit! ako never nagkaroon ng ganyang nails, parati kse sa computer. :D

AiDiSan said...


More than a month ne ing last post mu...sobrang busy ata ne?

hpf said...

you could be a hand and nail model! i love OPI esp their nail polish, but I can't have it on my fingernails -- my hands aren't as pretty as yours.

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