Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farewell Party

Last Friday, February 27, we had a farewell party (sortta, hehe) for Gero, a friend who is going to Singapore to work. Actually, he just flew there last night. Right after work, Minette and I went directly to SM to meet Gero. Then Jaja texted us that s|he is already at Xtremely Xpresso and that s|he is already hungry (nothing new, really!). So the moment we came, we ordered right away. We had...

Big Ben (a huge pizza) and..

Mango Cremo (yummy!)

While waiting for the others to come, we did nothing but chat, laugh and of course, eat! Here are some evidences:

Minette and I - laughing our hearts out

see, nakalahati na namin ang pizza!

Then, Allan and Vic Vic came to join us. And since Vic Vic is already there, while we are eating, chatting and laughing, she did not stop taking pictures. That is the advantage of having a friend who is experimenting with photography. All of these pictures that I am using in this post were actually from her camera (except the first one kasi wala pa sya non)- thanks Vic! Again nothing really changed - laugh, eat, chat and take pictures --the only difference I think was that we laughed harder and chatted louder!

tumatawa pa din kami ni Minette

kasama na si Allan this time

me, Gero, Allan, Jaja and Vic

what we love best - taking pictures

Jaja flirting with Gero and Allan?? hehe!!

Then we realized that there were only two slices of pizza left.

So who get to eat these? Of course, the last to come... Good thing Kong Bobot still made it!

It was one of those fun moments with very good friends. Too bad our other friends did not make it that night. But anyway, we just wish Gero good luck. He better get a good job that pays really well there so that he could finance another gimmick for us kahit di sya kasama, heheh!


nahj12 said...

ow? umalis na pala si ger ger? sad.. well.. kung san man sya mapadpad.. he will do good. :)

jeanny said...

ang saya puro tawa hehehe..
Wishing your friend all the luck!

happy Monday!

AiDiSan said...

goodluck kang Gero!

Mich said...

sis, nagutom ako sa pizza. hehe! takaw ko talga.

gadis said...

wow, king pizza :D