Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sweet Life

One advantage of going to work at 7 in the morning is getting home earlier. And with that, I get the chance to catch the show of Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesn’t which is, The Sweet Life at QTV11. I am learning so many tips from this show – from home management, fashion, relationships and just about anything under the sun.

While watching it earlier, I just got struck with what Lucy Torres said. And suddenly, I just want to write about the line she mentioned – you know for future reference:) She was actually in the Project Time segment and she was sewing the details of a leaf on a felt cloth. She was doing a coaster, shaped like a leaf out of cork and felt cloth. She gave the options of sewing it using the sewing machine or just sewing it with your hands. Then she added up:

“But I prefer sewing it with your hands (the next line is what I love). It’s just that there is a certain character when it is not that perfect!
I could not agree any other way - whether you are referring to a minor sewing of details on a coaster or much significant than that. You need not be perfect to get that distinction. Sometimes you need to lack a bit of that perfection to get to the surface.

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