Monday, February 9, 2009

Lousy Blogger

I admit, I am one! And there are just so many reasons why this blog was being ignored.

~ I am trying to study about affiliate marketing and it's really taking most of my time. I never thought that it can be so complicated pala.
~ I am maximizing my time with hubby. During weekends, we make sure that we take time to really rest. We love bumming around - watching, eating and eating some more. Going to the mall took a back seat for awhile. Mas masarap magrelax sa house. :)
~ And during weeknights, I mostly sit in front of the computer to finish some jobs. Good thing, I can still squeeze in a little bloghopping while waiting for some articles for editing.
~ Lastly, I am cooking "something". Will tell you all about it once it is finalized. Actually, I am getting so excited about it. :)


I V Y said...

whats cooking?

maanne said...

uy, i'm excited to hear that! when will u spill the beans?