Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart's Day

Before I post this update, I checked first how we celebrated Valentine's Day last year. You may check it here if you want. As I mentioned there, I was never been a tradition on celebrating it on the same day.

But guess what? This year might be an exemption. We would have an overnight stay at Holiday Inn and we would be watching the Acoustic Night of the Sabado Boys at Mimosa. I would want to go check the Hot Air Balloon Festival too here in Clark but then hubby needs to go to work in the morning so that means slashing the Balloontine's Day for the to do list for this weekend.

Anyway, I just want to great everyone a...

Enjoy the day with all the people you love! It does not have to be a boyfriend, a husband or a fiance. You can share the love with all the people who love you (read: LOVE is the only keyword).


agnes said...

Happy Valentine's day :-)

That cake looks great :-)))))

AiDiSan said...

Jo, belated happy V Day!

Summer said...

Hi!I like your blog..
You know what?!You are right,valentines day is not only for those couples..
It doesn't mean you don't have a ''valentino or valentina''is you don't have the right to celebrate hearts day..You can still celebrate it w/your friends!!!!=D
Happy belated valentines day to all!!!