Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Discovery

I admit I am not really easily attracted with virtual games online. I remember when I was a kid, we had those old gadgets such as the game and watch, Atari, brick games and many more. While almost everyone including my siblings are so engrossed with these games, I would rather play with my dolls in a corner. It was when I was already married that I got to enjoy online games.

Hubby and I even make use of our time when playing these virtual games online as our bonding session. Imagine us being glued on our monitors while we try different online games. And as we were trying to compete with each other, I got to try this one game that every kid will enjoy. You see since I did not enjoy these games when I was younger, now I am trying them. It’s never too late, you know!

You might want your kids to try and play MagNext Virtual. Your kids would really enjoy playing in this community where they can be just themselves. They can ride and race with the other players. They could also easily follow the rules of the game. Here is the simple way of how to play it:


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