Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dream Kitchen

Aside from the bedroom, of course one of my favorite part of the house is the kitchen. But admittedly, our kitchen is not as good as these kitchens:

They are so nice, right? Probably, if I have a kitchen just like those, I won't stop cooking or baking or probably I would just work, relax (and sleep, lol) in my kitchen. Anyway, if you want to get modular kitchen just like those above, you can leave a comment on this post. Details would be provided for all those interested.

Yup, this is a shameless plug for Kitchen One and Cabinet Express... and I feel just like the commercial model, too. Look, hehehe!

Wishing to have a kitchen just like this one - so spacious!

Another Discovery

I admit I am not really easily attracted with virtual games online. I remember when I was a kid, we had those old gadgets such as the game and watch, Atari, brick games and many more. While almost everyone including my siblings are so engrossed with these games, I would rather play with my dolls in a corner. It was when I was already married that I got to enjoy online games.

Hubby and I even make use of our time when playing these virtual games online as our bonding session. Imagine us being glued on our monitors while we try different online games. And as we were trying to compete with each other, I got to try this one game that every kid will enjoy. You see since I did not enjoy these games when I was younger, now I am trying them. It’s never too late, you know!

You might want your kids to try and play MagNext Virtual. Your kids would really enjoy playing in this community where they can be just themselves. They can ride and race with the other players. They could also easily follow the rules of the game. Here is the simple way of how to play it:


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart's Day

Before I post this update, I checked first how we celebrated Valentine's Day last year. You may check it here if you want. As I mentioned there, I was never been a tradition on celebrating it on the same day.

But guess what? This year might be an exemption. We would have an overnight stay at Holiday Inn and we would be watching the Acoustic Night of the Sabado Boys at Mimosa. I would want to go check the Hot Air Balloon Festival too here in Clark but then hubby needs to go to work in the morning so that means slashing the Balloontine's Day for the to do list for this weekend.

Anyway, I just want to great everyone a...

Enjoy the day with all the people you love! It does not have to be a boyfriend, a husband or a fiance. You can share the love with all the people who love you (read: LOVE is the only keyword).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Her Birthday

It's the birthday of the most important woman in our life! I called her first thing in the morning and she said that she cooked something for them (my father, my sis in law and pamangkins) to eat for mirienda. We would continue the simple celebration on Sunday.

To our ever dearest mother, happy birthday! Our respect and love for you reach the highest heavens above(that much!)!!!

The Sweet Life

One advantage of going to work at 7 in the morning is getting home earlier. And with that, I get the chance to catch the show of Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesn’t which is, The Sweet Life at QTV11. I am learning so many tips from this show – from home management, fashion, relationships and just about anything under the sun.

While watching it earlier, I just got struck with what Lucy Torres said. And suddenly, I just want to write about the line she mentioned – you know for future reference:) She was actually in the Project Time segment and she was sewing the details of a leaf on a felt cloth. She was doing a coaster, shaped like a leaf out of cork and felt cloth. She gave the options of sewing it using the sewing machine or just sewing it with your hands. Then she added up:

“But I prefer sewing it with your hands (the next line is what I love). It’s just that there is a certain character when it is not that perfect!
I could not agree any other way - whether you are referring to a minor sewing of details on a coaster or much significant than that. You need not be perfect to get that distinction. Sometimes you need to lack a bit of that perfection to get to the surface.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lousy Blogger

I admit, I am one! And there are just so many reasons why this blog was being ignored.

~ I am trying to study about affiliate marketing and it's really taking most of my time. I never thought that it can be so complicated pala.
~ I am maximizing my time with hubby. During weekends, we make sure that we take time to really rest. We love bumming around - watching, eating and eating some more. Going to the mall took a back seat for awhile. Mas masarap magrelax sa house. :)
~ And during weeknights, I mostly sit in front of the computer to finish some jobs. Good thing, I can still squeeze in a little bloghopping while waiting for some articles for editing.
~ Lastly, I am cooking "something". Will tell you all about it once it is finalized. Actually, I am getting so excited about it. :)