Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I Miss in Manila

Definitely, I am NOT missing the traffic, the pollution, the gimmicks (ok sometimes I miss those night outs but I can live without them - really!) and the so fast paced life in Manila. But what I missed the most is the food. Yes, there might be the same food here in the province but there is nothing compares to the food that I got to love when we were in Manila. Let me try to enumerate a few of my favorites:

  • yogurt shake, ox brain, kebab, shawarma of Mr. Kebab (I heard the store in QC is now closed - not sure though)
  • kwek kwek, fish balls, kikiam and squid balls in Retiro, Dapitan and Makati (di ko alam kung anong meron sa street foods na to pero bastat iba pag sa mga places na yan)
  • pares and bulalo in Jonah's
  • tapsilog, chixsilog, mixsilog and any other silogs in Tayuman
  • pancit in Food Corner
  • mango shakes and cheese waffles along Asturias
  • cream puffs and other breads of Tinapayan in Dapitan
  • authentic Indian food in Gil Puyat (I forgot the name of the resto - it's like a carinderia lang but the food is the best)
  • goodies at Becky's Kitchen in Bautista
  • hopia of Engbeetin in Binondo and hopia in Quiapo
  • authentic Chinese food in Estero in Binondo
  • and many more that I could not remember as of this writing :)
That is why when hubby bought home two of these items above last Saturday, I can't help but get soooo happy! Babaw ko no?

I miss Tinapayan's cream puffs (been craving for them since Christmas) and
Becky's Kitchen goodies such as the food for the gods and lemon squares.


I V Y said...

those are really something to miss about Manila. pero ako, I'd still want to go back to the province, may relaxed.

sis add mo naman sana bago kong blog. thank you!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm about to sleep and I suddenly felt some sweet tooth craving. :) I love the goodies at Becky's kitchen too. I love their blueberry cheesecake best of all.