Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Need A Breaaaak!!!!!

Can you hear me screaming? Yes, sometimes, we need to take a break from our usual routine of being a career woman, a wife, a part time freelancer and what have you’s. So what is the best way to do this? Shopping? Nope, I am out of budget this time. I can’t hurt my pocket again with another shopping spree.

So right now, I found something to keep my mind away from work and other household chores and which would not require you to spend. Thanks to MagNext ! I have never been a fan of these online games but this cool virtual game got me engrossed. I tried to sign up for free on their great game interface and suddenly I found myself hooked. I think this is already an addiction!

This is the mini tutorial of how to play the game.

Mind you, I am really an illiterate when it comes to these online games and I am just so thankful that this site provided a great mini tutorial. I even got to choose any username - go Pink Panther! :) Then while trying to play in this game interface, suddenly another player challenged me. Now, the game is getting more exciting. So whatever happens, I think I would really love to escape reality for a while and play MagNext over and over again.

Even kids would enjoy this. And for the peace of mind of all parents out there, the site offers a secured and safe environment for both kids and adults. You too can try signing in or just try logging in as a guest to have a feel of this virtual game.


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