Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twilight Movie: Was it just me??!

I admit I am addicted with the book, Twilight (and the Midnight Sun - the version of Edward) and as my post mentioned here, I can't wait to see the movie. We watched it yesterday. Yes, it was good to see how they depicted the like diamonds skin of Edward when stricken by the sun, the baseball game, how the vampires move so fast, how James chased and almost turned Bella into a vampire, the heart pounding grin of the delicious Edward (yes I am thirsty, too - lol), the sweet moments of Bella and Edward, the wonderful house of the Cullens which was surrounded with glass (it's my dream house now) and the conversation and dance at the prom. It made me smile - really!

But then, to be honest, the kilig, the excitement and the suspense that I felt while reading the book are much intense than when I watched the movie. So as you can see there is a tinge of disappointment on my part ( a little, I think). It could be that I have a very wild imagination that is why I am not quite satisfied with some of the scenes or it could be that they tweak the scenes so much that is why there seems to be something missing. I'll try watching the movie again. But in totality, the movie is the best. It is just that the book is.. umm.. uh.. errr.. Gosh, what is the superlative of the best, greatest, excellent??! The book is just that! :)


Eds said...

Hahahah! I told you its great movie and the book was really perfect! hahah .. as well as Edward of course! lol! :)

Mich said...

hi sis, usually nga talgang mas ok ang book kesa sa movie. haaaay, haven't read the book nor watched the movie.loser ko noh? i guess sa sobrang pagod kse. LOL! hopefully after Christmas i'll have more time for myself. :D

btw, miss kong dumalaw dito!