Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yes, I feel so restless... I just finished reading Book 1 and we would be watching the last full show of Twilight later. That is why I am so restless and I am counting the hours, the minutes and the seconds. Darn, I am so late with this Twilight craze! I just want to finish the book first before watching it and it took me until this day to finish the book.

Been so busy lately, that's why. So what I have been up to that made me neglect this blog for awhile?

- Father's birthday in the hospital.
- Household chores ( I am about to give up now - tama na ang pagpapakabayani, heheh)
- The family weekend at our place for the dream match.
- Work, work, work!!! (Hay, can't complain coz I want to take all those legal and special Holidays)

But for the meantime, let me dwell in this restlessness as I impatiently wait for the last full show of Twilight. I also want to get bitten and I just can't wait to see the godlike image of Edward in the wide screen, the baseball scene, his silver Volvo, the Cullen's house, the prom....

Arrrgh! 'nuf said about Twilight!

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