Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Diet

You might be curious about the update on my hubby's BP. By the way, thanks for all who have suggested a diet for us in this post. We really appreciate it!

My husband took the medicine for 2 weeks and we had a no rice diet during dinner. During the times that we frequent the hospital since my father was confined, we made sure that we monitor his blood pressure. Thanks God and he had maintained it at bay with the normal. So we decided to continue with this routine.

Good thing also I have a friend who have lots of recipes for healthy diet - so we do not run out of ideas with food to eat during dinner. Usually, we are having sandwiches, veggies, fish fillets, chicken breast and fruits. We also eat a viand with rice sometimes - but this only happens twice or thrice a week. I will try to share these recipes as I prepared them. I am no expert really with cooking but well, I can prepare a decent meal good enough to stuff our tummies.

Here is one that we had during dinner. This is a roasted chicken breast (without the skin) with Caesar's salad.

Let's all stay healthy. After all, the cliche -- health is wealth still stands true in most cases! :)

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