Thursday, December 11, 2008

Daddy Kong's Birthday

As I wrote in my post here, my father got admitted in the hospital last November 27. We are expecting that he would just stay there for 2 days but unfortunately, they need to do a very minor operation just to let out of the pus inside the wound. So though he would not want to stay longer in the hospital since it was his birthday last November 30, he had no choice but follow the doctor's recommendation (At least for once, he listened, hehe! Got my stubbornness from him)

I remembered his conversation with the doctor.

Doctor: Birthday nyo pala 'tay bukas?

Daddy Kong: Oo, di ba pwedeng lumabas na bukas? Kasi ang mga apo ko... (He was thinking of his grandaughters who are 4 and 5 years old who could not get in the hospital since children should be 7 years up before they will be allowed to enter the hospital)

So what loving children have to do when your father is longing to spend his birthday with his apo but is confined in the hospital? Outsmart the security guards, hehehe! My brother's girlfriend is a med tech but from a different hospital. But since she knows the med tech in Calcutta Hospital, we got those laboratory test requests for my 2 nieces.

On the morning of November 30, Daddy Kong (trivia: Kong is short for ingkong, which is a kapampangan term for lolo - the first grandchild came up with the term, lol) - was sad but still managed to thank the doctors and nurses who greeted him. In the afternoon, he got really happy and surprised to see my nieces, nephew and some neighbors (his friends) enter his room with pansit and sansrival. It was really a simple birthday at the hospital but we are very happy that we cheered Daddy Kong (in spite of the situation or rather the place he was in) on his birthday. My brothers and sister also phoned him so he got his voice a bit shakey there - a sign that he was indeed happy and touched with the simple birthday celebration.

With his best friend who fed his chickens and watered his plants while he was in the hospital.

With Mommy Dess and the grandchildren

Tito Vox with the pamangkins - bumming around in the hospital

The kids with Ate Vic and Tits (her birthday too)

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