Monday, December 15, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Mequeni Restaurant (Holiday Inn)

Warning: Picture overload; will make your mouth water :)

December 11 is Pampanga Day so it was a holiday here last Thursday. And what is the perfect thing to do on this day? Have a sumptuous dinner with girlfriends! We were surprised that the restaurant has a large selection of foods - from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, sea foods, desserts and other appetizers.

We started with sushi, maki and sea foods. We got so giddy when we saw the relatives of Ariel and Sebastian. :)

Then we got to taste the different salads and cheeses for appetizers.
We then decided to start with the main courses since we feel that we are already getting full with the appetizers and other side dishes. These were our plates with a little of baked pork rib, baked potatoes, vegetable penne, a fish viand, roasted beef and a chicken dish that has a lot of green and black olives (forgot the name together with the fish).

We were also eyeing on the dimsums, fried rice, peking duck and noodles. But we got really full with tasting a little of everything. Minette tried their create your own noodles - you can request the chef whatever you want on your noodles.

And lastly, we could not resist their desserts - ice cream, crepes, cakes, chocolate fondue, fruits, brownies, ube halaya and many more. But we got quite disappointed with the desserts - alright, they appeal great on our eyes but not quite on our taste buds. It is one thing they need to improve on, I think.

But overall, we enjoyed the food. We love their buffet and guess what? I might return there on December 22 but of course, I would be with the birthday boy (Vox). Look, we were so happy because our tummies were full :)

Arlene, Minette and Vic

With one of the Chefs (we love his baked pork ribs)


AiDiSan said...

Dang, cha magkanu kasi ing buffet Mequeni, buri ke invite i John mag dine out ka rin.

Jean Marie said...

wow, sarap naman! it's nice that once in a while, we endulge ourselves in food like that...wag lang everyday or else mamumulubi tayo. LoL.

Heart of Rachel said...

What a yummy feast. I smiled when I read the line "relatives of Ariel and Sebastian". Cute one!

The desserts look tempting. Sorry you were quite disappointed when you tasted them. I think desserts should always give a great finish to the meal.