Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Gift

The major Christmas gift came a day after Christmas. But that is not important - at all! Remember my wishes here? I got the perfume, the sandals/shoes and lastly this...

Happy, happy, happy! Merry Christmas everyone and have a very fruitful New Year!!!! :-)

The Retro Christmas Party

Last December 19, 2008, we had our Christmas Party at Wishing Well Videoke here in Balibago, Pampanga. The theme is retro and we need to try our best to wear something close to the 70's fashion. For a change the party organizers had encouraged us to dress up (lam nyo na minsan umiiral ang pag ka KJ, but not that day). We all enjoyed the party since almost all of us participated in the games and dance. We even had 2 mascots - the Jackson 5 with their afro.

I won in the raffle but only the minor prize. Anyway, that does not really matter - it was the fun that we had throughout the party. Sharing some pictures with you.

Merry Christmas!

Two days delayed but of course, it is never too late to greet you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great celebration with your family and friends. We had a blast and it was one of the happiest Christmas ever, though of course we miss my brothers, Nyong and Boboy.

I have so much to blog actually. Let me enumerate them here.

  1. Our Retro theme Christmas Party (it was really fun!)
  2. Hons's birthday celebrations at Duyan ni Maria and at Mequeni Restaurant (again)
  3. The Christmas gift (I am really happy with this)
I'll try to start now before they get to be included in the year 2009 posts, heheh! Again....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

It's the birthday of the most important man in my life...

Though we are missing "something" in this life, you never made me feel that...
It was always you who push me to go on...
And with that, I am positive that spending my whole life with you
is the ONLY perfect thing in this world...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Mequeni Restaurant (Holiday Inn)

Warning: Picture overload; will make your mouth water :)

December 11 is Pampanga Day so it was a holiday here last Thursday. And what is the perfect thing to do on this day? Have a sumptuous dinner with girlfriends! We were surprised that the restaurant has a large selection of foods - from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, sea foods, desserts and other appetizers.

We started with sushi, maki and sea foods. We got so giddy when we saw the relatives of Ariel and Sebastian. :)

Then we got to taste the different salads and cheeses for appetizers.
We then decided to start with the main courses since we feel that we are already getting full with the appetizers and other side dishes. These were our plates with a little of baked pork rib, baked potatoes, vegetable penne, a fish viand, roasted beef and a chicken dish that has a lot of green and black olives (forgot the name together with the fish).

We were also eyeing on the dimsums, fried rice, peking duck and noodles. But we got really full with tasting a little of everything. Minette tried their create your own noodles - you can request the chef whatever you want on your noodles.

And lastly, we could not resist their desserts - ice cream, crepes, cakes, chocolate fondue, fruits, brownies, ube halaya and many more. But we got quite disappointed with the desserts - alright, they appeal great on our eyes but not quite on our taste buds. It is one thing they need to improve on, I think.

But overall, we enjoyed the food. We love their buffet and guess what? I might return there on December 22 but of course, I would be with the birthday boy (Vox). Look, we were so happy because our tummies were full :)

Arlene, Minette and Vic

With one of the Chefs (we love his baked pork ribs)

New Eyeglasses for the Holidays

It is during these holidays that we get to buy ourselves something new - new shoes, new clothes, new gadgets or new jewelry. Of course, with the bonuses and the 13th month that were credited on our account, it is just but right to splurge for yourself. So for a change, I am now thinking of getting myself Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical aside from those stuffs.

This decision is just right since the popular online eyeglasses shop is now on sale! They have cheap pieces for as low as $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses.

Don't you think this eyeglasses look so cool? I'll go grab one for myself, now. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Diet

You might be curious about the update on my hubby's BP. By the way, thanks for all who have suggested a diet for us in this post. We really appreciate it!

My husband took the medicine for 2 weeks and we had a no rice diet during dinner. During the times that we frequent the hospital since my father was confined, we made sure that we monitor his blood pressure. Thanks God and he had maintained it at bay with the normal. So we decided to continue with this routine.

Good thing also I have a friend who have lots of recipes for healthy diet - so we do not run out of ideas with food to eat during dinner. Usually, we are having sandwiches, veggies, fish fillets, chicken breast and fruits. We also eat a viand with rice sometimes - but this only happens twice or thrice a week. I will try to share these recipes as I prepared them. I am no expert really with cooking but well, I can prepare a decent meal good enough to stuff our tummies.

Here is one that we had during dinner. This is a roasted chicken breast (without the skin) with Caesar's salad.

Let's all stay healthy. After all, the cliche -- health is wealth still stands true in most cases! :)

Great Saturday Morning!

I am trying to condition myself on an early Saturday morning. I have so much to accomplish for this day because I am just about to start my Christmas shopping. Yes, your eyes are not fooling you - I am just starting with my Christmas shopping! Kaiinis no 12 days na lang before Christmas pero ngayon palang ako mag shoshopping - this is not just me! Anyway, I am also thinking of pampering myself today by going to the salon for a pedicure, legs waxing and hopefully any hair treatment.

And to perfectly start the day, I just have to be blogging or surfing the Internet. So that is what I am doing now while taking my breakfast - blueberry muffin and coffee! Don't you just love multi-tasking?!

Great morning to all! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twilight Movie: Was it just me??!

I admit I am addicted with the book, Twilight (and the Midnight Sun - the version of Edward) and as my post mentioned here, I can't wait to see the movie. We watched it yesterday. Yes, it was good to see how they depicted the like diamonds skin of Edward when stricken by the sun, the baseball game, how the vampires move so fast, how James chased and almost turned Bella into a vampire, the heart pounding grin of the delicious Edward (yes I am thirsty, too - lol), the sweet moments of Bella and Edward, the wonderful house of the Cullens which was surrounded with glass (it's my dream house now) and the conversation and dance at the prom. It made me smile - really!

But then, to be honest, the kilig, the excitement and the suspense that I felt while reading the book are much intense than when I watched the movie. So as you can see there is a tinge of disappointment on my part ( a little, I think). It could be that I have a very wild imagination that is why I am not quite satisfied with some of the scenes or it could be that they tweak the scenes so much that is why there seems to be something missing. I'll try watching the movie again. But in totality, the movie is the best. It is just that the book is.. umm.. uh.. errr.. Gosh, what is the superlative of the best, greatest, excellent??! The book is just that! :)

Daddy Kong's Birthday

As I wrote in my post here, my father got admitted in the hospital last November 27. We are expecting that he would just stay there for 2 days but unfortunately, they need to do a very minor operation just to let out of the pus inside the wound. So though he would not want to stay longer in the hospital since it was his birthday last November 30, he had no choice but follow the doctor's recommendation (At least for once, he listened, hehe! Got my stubbornness from him)

I remembered his conversation with the doctor.

Doctor: Birthday nyo pala 'tay bukas?

Daddy Kong: Oo, di ba pwedeng lumabas na bukas? Kasi ang mga apo ko... (He was thinking of his grandaughters who are 4 and 5 years old who could not get in the hospital since children should be 7 years up before they will be allowed to enter the hospital)

So what loving children have to do when your father is longing to spend his birthday with his apo but is confined in the hospital? Outsmart the security guards, hehehe! My brother's girlfriend is a med tech but from a different hospital. But since she knows the med tech in Calcutta Hospital, we got those laboratory test requests for my 2 nieces.

On the morning of November 30, Daddy Kong (trivia: Kong is short for ingkong, which is a kapampangan term for lolo - the first grandchild came up with the term, lol) - was sad but still managed to thank the doctors and nurses who greeted him. In the afternoon, he got really happy and surprised to see my nieces, nephew and some neighbors (his friends) enter his room with pansit and sansrival. It was really a simple birthday at the hospital but we are very happy that we cheered Daddy Kong (in spite of the situation or rather the place he was in) on his birthday. My brothers and sister also phoned him so he got his voice a bit shakey there - a sign that he was indeed happy and touched with the simple birthday celebration.

With his best friend who fed his chickens and watered his plants while he was in the hospital.

With Mommy Dess and the grandchildren

Tito Vox with the pamangkins - bumming around in the hospital

The kids with Ate Vic and Tits (her birthday too)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yes, I feel so restless... I just finished reading Book 1 and we would be watching the last full show of Twilight later. That is why I am so restless and I am counting the hours, the minutes and the seconds. Darn, I am so late with this Twilight craze! I just want to finish the book first before watching it and it took me until this day to finish the book.

Been so busy lately, that's why. So what I have been up to that made me neglect this blog for awhile?

- Father's birthday in the hospital.
- Household chores ( I am about to give up now - tama na ang pagpapakabayani, heheh)
- The family weekend at our place for the dream match.
- Work, work, work!!! (Hay, can't complain coz I want to take all those legal and special Holidays)

But for the meantime, let me dwell in this restlessness as I impatiently wait for the last full show of Twilight. I also want to get bitten and I just can't wait to see the godlike image of Edward in the wide screen, the baseball scene, his silver Volvo, the Cullen's house, the prom....

Arrrgh! 'nuf said about Twilight!