Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!

I am actually saying this with conviction. Really - thanks a bunch it's Friday once again. This week was really tiring. Since December 1 is a holiday, the deadline for the month is November 30 and since Sat and Sun is my off, today is the deadline. So imagine the cramming. But what am I doing - blogging??!! hehe! I need an outlet. Now, would that pass as an excuse? :)


Last Saturday, we were supposed to go to Divisoria for Christmas shopping. But since my Internet connection was dead since Friday night, I was forced to rush my writing jobs on a Saturday morning. Tinamad na ko so hubby went to Manila alone for his medical check up. Sayang, I was really so excited. We would just schedule it some other time, probably after Christmas na lang. :(


My father got admitted in the hospital yesterday. He got injured while checking the fishpond. The wound got worse and now it is swelling - as in swell talaga. The doctor decided to confine him in the hospital for 2 days. I just hope the confinement would just lasts for two days since he will be celebrating his birthday this November 30. Sana di naman sya mag birthday sa hospital. But good thing - it is nothing so serious to get worried about.


Hubby's birthday is fast approaching. For a change, we are planning on a different celebration. I am getting too excited for this. It is not a grand celebration (since it is just a very simple one) but definitely one of the most memorable birthdays that he would ever have. And we intend to do that once every year. :)

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