Sunday, November 16, 2008

So many things I want to do...

It's ME time!:) Hubby went out right after lunch for his favorite past time - airsoft and would be back later tonight. And since I know I have so much time, I have these things lined up:

  • write some articles
  • upload some photos (mostly my nephews and nieces' pics) from my digicam
  • start reading Twilight
  • watch showbiz talk shows
  • iron some clothes
  • cook pasta
  • continue watching Gossip Girl
Three hours have passed and I have done nothing yet - then I realized I have so many things I want to do. I know I have the option to go out of the house and do whatever I want, but I prefer to stay at home. I just love the comfort of our bedroom. I just love tinkering the keyboard and searching the Internet (while watching or rather listening to the tv). I think I could live with this kind of set up - at home with a very reliable Internet and computer in tow. I think I love being a "domestic goddess" (speaking of this, I also need to read the books of Sophie Kinsella - the Undomestic Goddess most especially).

Also, I saw yesterday that the movie, Nights in Rodanthe is already out in theaters. I want to watch that, too! What else? Waaah! I could go on and on with this list but not accomplish anything since I am just mumbling nonstop.

Enough for the non-sense and incoherent thougths! Let me just post this pasta I cooked weeks and weeks ago. This is my cheesy and creamy tuna pasta (I used spinach fettucine).

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)


Heart of Rachel said...

What a coincidence. I also started reading Twilight. I borrowed my niece's copy. :)

That tuna pasta looks delish!

Thanks for visiting.

ivy said...

I just love pasta too and I cook it every week.

have a good one!

dylan said...

wow! tsalap naman ng pasta.. nagutom tuloy ako ah.. :D

nahj12 said...

sarap ng pasta. .sana makatakam kami kahit pakananu.. heheh.. matudtud ya i dylan ketang pic.. atsu king lap mi.. hehehe

AiDiSan said...

aba jo, nyaman na namman ning pasta mo, we're both starting our passion with cooking, continue that jo and i hope one time magdala kang makanyan keng work.

Jean Marie said...

wow, sarap! Pa send naman ng recipe mo sis. try ko sya icook....

Ryhen said...

Jesus H. Christ! You're making me hungry! =)

Have a nice day!

AnimegamecomicAW said...

oh my god,that fettucini looks so tempting,sluuurp wow My stomach is struggling right now, hehehe.