Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So It's True???!!

They say that one of the things that husbands or guys can't live without is remote control. Remember the email sent to most of us about the wife hiding the remote control in her purse since the husband would not want to go with her shopping? She thought of this act as the most evil revenge to his hubby, hehe!

Anyway, while I was fixing hubby's side of bed, I saw this:

aside from books, there are remote controls (of the electric fan, aircon, tv, cable box)
on his side table

And suddenly, I thought of that joke. Aha.... so it's true?!!!! LOL!


Mye said...

hay, good thing hubby is not like that, i used to be a remote control addict before, but now hindi na =)

BAM! said...

haha! i hog the remote too! :-)

Mich said...

haha, ang daming remote! :)

sis, tama ka, baka nga umabot pa sa Bonifacio Day. mwehehehe!

Jody said...

You know what? I saw a remote control hacker in debenhams. Its like when your husband tries to change channel to say a basketball game and you are watching your favorite series like those showbiz chizmax, you hold this small button that will stop the remote control from functioning! Bwahaha, cool no? gusto kong bumili nun! Hahaha!

by the way, I have something for you here.


Arlene said...

wow, ur hubby is so much organize. :)

thanks for the visit!