Sunday, November 9, 2008

Showbiz Buzz

~chismosa mode, wink~

Whatever channel you choose - 7 or 2, they talk nothing but break ups. And the chismosa in me just can't let things pass by without knowing what one has to say about their break ups. Anne Curtis looked really hurt with the way she answered Kris' questions. She is the epitome of one who really fell in love and got hurt. Ey, am not an Anne Curtis fan but I watch Dyosa everytime I have time to hit the tube. Could it be she found out the "real" Sam Milby? Hahah, this is just my own POV.

Then, there is Dingdong and Karylle. I read from a forum that it was not really Marian who stole Dingdong - was it Toni? Hehe, intriga to the max 'to!! Well, they said that the reason they broke up was Antonette Taus - how true kaya? :) By the way, I bought the copy of YES! Magazine and boy, the house of Dingdong is really, really nice. I love his jacuzzi near the gazebo with Asian inspired theme. The wood finishing is a hit!

And lastly, I did not know that Angel Locsin and Lucky Manzano have "something" between them. Anyway, they said that they are both happy but are not confirming anything. Ah, whatever! I am just in the mood to write about local showbiz chismis.

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clydens said...

well, it's nice to be updated naman sa mga things going on in the showbiz...on the otherhand, you have a nice site - care to exchange links?