Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friendster and Social Networking

I often write short articles about the topic social networking for clients. But right now, I think I would need to write a post in this blog for those "friendsters" who do not understand social networking. With the popularity of business online, online dating and other dealings in the Internet, these sites like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and Multiply were created. These sites are open to anyone who knows how to fill up the information needed upon account registration. There are really no important requirements needed - even a newborn(if he knows how to type - heck, the mother can type anyway) can have one!

When you put your pictures and information in these sites then you SHOULD know that anybody - an enemy, an ex GF or ex BF, friends, thieves, family, former classmates, hackers, a potential partner, stalkers, celebrities (oh yeah) and strangers can access the account. And it is for this reason that most businesses are using these types of social networking sites to promote their products, services or their webpages to very huge audiences.

Personally, I am enjoying these sites because they are great channels in meeting those people who you thought you just lost contact with. Love the features they offer (especially the pictures) and of course, I get to promote my blog. :)

But while I enjoy those stuffs, I also understand that responsibility comes along with it. IF you do not want others to take a peak on your life, then do not put anything personal or do not create an account, in the first place! And that is the reason why some people do not have any account on these social networking sites - they simply KNOW and UNDERSTAND that. Though there are settings like private profiles, still you have that picture, your name (and for others even their surname) and your location. So you are still sharing a part of you in the whole World Wide Web.

If you DO NOT understand and WOULD NOT WANT TO understand these concepts involving social networking sites, then BACK OFF! Social networking is NOT your thing! It is as easy as that!!!

But if you'll ask me, I am still loving these sites so much and that is why I am maintaining my accounts even if there are "strangers" who can just stumble upon my page anytime . I choose to be part of these sites and I understand how they work and I am held accountable to whatever consequences that go along with it. :)


AiDiSan said...

Jo, ninung paturan mu keni? lol

Mathilda said...

yup agree, you can joint but if you afraid with your privacy just deleted.