Sunday, November 23, 2008

The ER Visit

Hubby had a physical exam last Saturday in Makati and the result could have been fine if not just with a blood pressure of 140/100 (waah antaas!). He mentioned that the nurse did the procedure thrice and the result was the same.

So earlier, we went to the hospital (ER) to confirm his blood pressure. And we were surprised since his BP reached 140/110. They made him lie on the bed and then have him took a sublingual medicine to keep him relaxed. Then they got another BP and it went up to 150/110. There is really no progress. So they took an ECG and good thing his heart is generally fine. He was prescribed with low dosage BP maintainance medicine for 2 weeks. When we left the hospital his BP is 130/100.

Our resolution? We would be both on a no rice diet during the night. I know if I would continue with a heavy meal during dinner, I would be of no help to him. So I am joining him so that he would not be tempted to eat a lot. And one more thing - he would be on a no softdrinks diet, too. He needs to be contented with pineapple juice for the meantime. He also mentioned that he would be enrolling in the gym - but with this I am not quite convinced - yet. He has mentioned this already for the nth time, so I need to see first (the membership) before I believe him.

Wish us luck on our diet and if you have a menu (for the whole week) for such diet please share them with us. :)

Hope you had a great weekend! :)


alpha said...

puyat din, nakaka-contribute din daw yun. diet suggestion ko is oatmeal. :D, more veggies syempre, less fatty foods, more fish.. haha parang healthy ako e no? :)

clydens said...

well. like your hubby - my BP is something might no longer be at its best since i visited the clinic...140/100 is the usual result of my bp, however, i usually go on a little bit of exercise and a dose of Neobloc a day...what matters most now is the fact that whatever we may tried to do, if it's God's will then everything is of no use - so just let him enjoy the way ordinary people does and be merry, lol.......

maanne said...

hmmm, i suggest you join him to the gym, i'm sure he'll be inspired and happy if you'll be around!

Good luck on your planned diet...
Take care!

Nancy said...

good to know what happened to your hubby is nothing serious...i always believe, everything in moderation would do us no harm unless the health expert provided it himself not to take what we think he shouldn't take.

AiDiSan said...


Eme makaying papagalan i Vox para mag improve ya ing BP na. I john makanyan din, balamu normal namu ing matas ya BP pero makatakut pa rin, ali biru biru ing matas BP.

Jody said...

Hay, hirap din kasi talaga mag-diet. Pet peeves ko yang rice, ang hirap alisin for sure. You really have to do it together. Why not consider the south beach diet? Alam mo, consider ko ngang i-christmas gift sa asawa ko yan eh. Alam mo yung sexy chef?

eto yung link nila:

arlene said...

@ alpha - sis baka puyat din... we are on now having fish, chicken, pesto and salads.

@ clydens - he is now taking olmetec once a day. anyway, hopefully it would improve so that we just stick with a diet and no more meds

@maane - will try to check my schedule - parang sobrang busy noh? thanks for the suggestion sis:)

@Nancy - amen to that! :)

@ aidisan - jo, eku ne man papagalan eh.. heheh! he needs to be on a strict diet first and he needs to take red wine instead of having beer para healthy :)

@jody - hay jody, you are correct! rice ang maysala and yep i heard about the sexy chef... hopefully they deliver here in pampanga:)

thanks for sharing the link :)

popcorn said...

Hi Arlene, good luck sa healthy eating plan :)

btw, curious ako about the pineapple juice ? ano yun ? may benefits siya sa BP or masarap lang ?

Iris said...

Hey sis, pls post a blog update if you found a way to lower his bp. I am super interested in finding out a way.