Saturday, November 8, 2008

50% Discount at Mequeni Deli

Yes, you read that right! And what is more interesting - it's everyday!!! A colleague who has a wife working at Holiday Inn at Clark, Pampanga informed us about this promotion. And of course, the offer is just tempting. Imagine, that is half the price slash for all pastries and breads!

Mequeni Deli at Holiday Inn - Clark

So last Tuesday at 7 PM, we rushed to Mequeni Deli, which is located at the first floor just at the front lobby of Holiday Inn. It was my first time to check this sale and that is why I just could not decide which bread or cake to buy. I was so ecstatic with the goodies right in front of me. Just so you know, I looove desserts so much and that is why these pastries and the 50% discount make me really giddy!!

There were carrot loaves, banana loaves, empanadas, foccacia bread, ciabata, cheesecakes and others, I just don't know the names. Too bad the Danish and cream puffs were already sold out. So you might ask, what I brought home? I bought a baked cheesecake for 390 pesos. Do the math and guess the original price. :)

Cheesecake at Mequeni Deli

Sold at 50% discount after 6 PM

So if you want to take advantage of this sale in Mequeni Deli for the breads and pastries, go there at 6 PM. The discount is being offered until supplies (pastries and breads of the day) last. And I am telling you, the cheesecake tasted yummy - it was a steal for the price!

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CoLine said...

my gosh sis cheesecakes are expensive! it was a good buy! Ü i so so love cheesecakes, do you know till what time they're open?

btw, yes u can link my page :) i'l do the same ha =)