Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shopping for Suits Need Not be Difficult

Shopping for clothes for us girls is as easy as getting the best design, fabric and measurement that is right for us. Most often getting the clothes off-the-rack is the best option. But this is definitely different for men. My husband has this national awards night that he needs to attend to and he needs to be on their best suit. I was helping him buy the best suit for him. We have scouted in the malls but nothing seems to fit to his measurements. There are some that have good fabric but the style and the measurements are not really good and there are some that fit him but are not made of great fabrics or are of outdated style.

So to help him with this predicament, I searched the Internet and found one that would answer our problem. I have found MySuitNY! So to those who are having problem with getting the best fit for a designer suit, then you might want to opt getting your Made to measure suit from My Suit.

Actually, it is very easy to order mens’ suit in this company. All you have to do is create an appointment so that a consultant can help you with your order. On your appointment with them, they would guide you with every detail – from measuring your specification, choosing the fabric, the style, the color and even the number of buttons you want for your suit.


And if you are like me who is in a hurry, then no need to fret. You can get your custom suit as soon as two weeks. I know you are dying to know the cost for these suits. For just about $495, you can get a designer suit that is definitely fit for your measurements. Dress your man with these custom made suits. So make an appointment now with My Suit NY, I already made ours.


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