Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Wednesday Again...

Mich's Wednesday Happy Thoughts...

Happiness is....

  1. No work for today
  2. Lunch at Perfect Loaf
  3. Getting to visit the baby of a friend who was confined in the hospital
  4. Payday for my side jobs
  5. Mall sale
  6. Waking up late
  7. Good health for me, hubby and our parents
  8. Bonding with hubby
  9. Being able to manage our set up without a helper
  10. Being able to iron things out every time there are some petty quarrels


Heart of Rachel said...

Happiness can be found in simple things if we just take time to appreciate what we have around us. Thanks for sharing.

Euroangel said...

agi ko diri Sis..ayo2 dinha....happiness jud uy!!

popcorn said...

Thanks for sharing this and reminding us of the nice things in life that we take for granted :)