Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Got Hacked

I never thought that my account will get hacked - ever! Yesterday while I was trying to access my business email, I saw that there was an email that was sent by my gmail account with the subject, Hi friends. I got really worried and tried to access my gmail account right away. And there in my sent items - I saw this email that was sent to all my contacts. And I did not send this since I just accessed my email the night before to distribute some assignments to my writers.

I know I just have to change my password right away. And while checking for the link for changing password, I saw this link at the bottom that says Account Details. I clicked it and saw that there was an activity at 4 am (with a different IP address). I swear, that was not me since I was still sleeping at that time. Then I saw the button that says log off other sessions. I clicked that and hurriedly changed my password and account security question. I double checked if that was the only thing that was done using my account, and thank God that was it. After that, I changed all my passwords. I think I just got to be extra careful.

Anyway, for some friends who haven't received the email I sent telling them that my gmail account was hacked and that I did not send the email which is like this one below, please disregard and delete it. This was sent to all my contacts without my authorization. And who ever did this, thanks for teaching me a lesson.

SUBJECT: Hi friends:

-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Hi friends:
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Euroangel said...

thanks for teh visit...yup this is very scary talaga...a lot of hackers raoming around..kaya careful talaga tayo...ingat

piojunbabia said...

what? sureness? grabe..tsk tsk tsk..ingat next time... make this as a warning to all...

Mich said...

uso pa pala ang mga hackers ngayon ano? kakatakot!

fauzan said...

so we must becarfull hwen receive email from somebody right?

piojunbabia said...

thats right.... :)

popcorn said...

Hi Arlene, buti nahuli mo... ang tyaga rin ng hackers no ? they actually log in to your account and send emails...

just recently, I was looking at my laptop nung nakita kong may nag connect remotely and gumagalaw yung mouse ko. the hacker even tried to open an application pero hinabol ko na and ni dis connect from the internet.
Buti nagkataon na nakatingin ako.