Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Got Hacked

I never thought that my account will get hacked - ever! Yesterday while I was trying to access my business email, I saw that there was an email that was sent by my gmail account with the subject, Hi friends. I got really worried and tried to access my gmail account right away. And there in my sent items - I saw this email that was sent to all my contacts. And I did not send this since I just accessed my email the night before to distribute some assignments to my writers.

I know I just have to change my password right away. And while checking for the link for changing password, I saw this link at the bottom that says Account Details. I clicked it and saw that there was an activity at 4 am (with a different IP address). I swear, that was not me since I was still sleeping at that time. Then I saw the button that says log off other sessions. I clicked that and hurriedly changed my password and account security question. I double checked if that was the only thing that was done using my account, and thank God that was it. After that, I changed all my passwords. I think I just got to be extra careful.

Anyway, for some friends who haven't received the email I sent telling them that my gmail account was hacked and that I did not send the email which is like this one below, please disregard and delete it. This was sent to all my contacts without my authorization. And who ever did this, thanks for teaching me a lesson.

SUBJECT: Hi friends:

-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Hi friends:
We are wholesale company which can offer you laptops, digital cameras, videos, GPS,cell phone, mp4, game console and many other electron products. We can offer you both highest quality products and best price. Also we could give you favorable discount if you order more. All of our products are brand new and original; if you need any help, please contact us.
MSN: /
Telphone: 0086-01083031356

Photo Addict

I used to think that I am the only one who is addicted to pictures - was I mistaken! Yesterday, hubby got his airsoft gun from from a fellow mountaineer (got it for a "presyong kaibigan"). He was really so excited about it. Then, before we go to sleep, he suddenly stood up and asked me to take pictures of him with his new gun. Do I have a choice? Hehe! He was so wound up with his new arm and I don't want to spoil that - so I obliged.

He was really trying to emote with his photos. And of course, I could not help but let out small giggles behind the camera since he was trying so hard to put in a stern look while holding the gun. Here are some of his photos.

But these two are my favorites...

AbuSayaf ang dating, di ba? waaah :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Breakfast at UCC

After reading the post of Mich about UCC, I can't help but try their breakfast myself. Good thing there is a branch here in SM Pampanga. Right after the mass (around 10 am), we went straight to the coffee shop. If you want to get a free coffee, hot choco or orange juice with your order, go there before 11 AM. The coffee that they are serving for free actually costs P127. Look at the savings that you can get by getting there earlier. Here is the free UCC coffee.

The coffee being poured from a flask

My coffee with a lot of creamer

Hubby ordered the Breakfast Waffles Veal Bratwurst. His order consists of vegetable salad, the veal bratwurst and waffles.

I, on the other hand ordered the American Country Breakfast English Bangers. The order has hash brown, 2 eggs, 3 sausages and toasts. Mas matakaw kasi ako!

I was actually planning to sample their cakes but boy, we were so full that we just decided to skip it and just walk around the mall. Unfortunately, I did not take the effort to take pictures of their cakes (baka kasi magsisi pa ko bat di namin tinry).

UCC Menu
The breakfast is really great. And though the breakfast is a bit pricey, it is good enough to make you feel stuffed till the late afternoon. We got hungry again around 3 pm. By the way, the smell of the shop is really tempting for those coffee lovers like us. We will definitely go back to UCC and will try their iced blend coffee and their cakes ( I am eyeing the kitkat mousse).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shopping for Suits Need Not be Difficult

Shopping for clothes for us girls is as easy as getting the best design, fabric and measurement that is right for us. Most often getting the clothes off-the-rack is the best option. But this is definitely different for men. My husband has this national awards night that he needs to attend to and he needs to be on their best suit. I was helping him buy the best suit for him. We have scouted in the malls but nothing seems to fit to his measurements. There are some that have good fabric but the style and the measurements are not really good and there are some that fit him but are not made of great fabrics or are of outdated style.

So to help him with this predicament, I searched the Internet and found one that would answer our problem. I have found MySuitNY! So to those who are having problem with getting the best fit for a designer suit, then you might want to opt getting your Made to measure suit from My Suit.

Actually, it is very easy to order mens’ suit in this company. All you have to do is create an appointment so that a consultant can help you with your order. On your appointment with them, they would guide you with every detail – from measuring your specification, choosing the fabric, the style, the color and even the number of buttons you want for your suit.


And if you are like me who is in a hurry, then no need to fret. You can get your custom suit as soon as two weeks. I know you are dying to know the cost for these suits. For just about $495, you can get a designer suit that is definitely fit for your measurements. Dress your man with these custom made suits. So make an appointment now with My Suit NY, I already made ours.


My Sansrival

Remember my post here? Finally, after 2 weeks I was able to eat sansrival. At first, I was thinking of getting sansrival at Goldilocks or Red Ribbon, but I think the whole cake is so big for just the two of us. And also, I was craving the sansrival that my mother used to buy when we were still young. She said that she was buying those from a store in Sta. Rita, Guagua. I tell you, the sansrival from this place are really to die for.

So since we do not have any other business to go to Guagua, I just bought this small box of sanrival from Susie's Cuisine. It's a store here that sells Kapampangan pastries and delicacies. You might want to drop by this store for pasalubongs if you chance to pass by Pampanga.

I was so excited with my sansrival. It's not the sansrival from Sta. Rita but it's okay - I am just dying to eat one. It was crunchy and chewy at the same time (and affordable - P180 for the small box). It was good enough to satisfy my yearning for a sweet and delicious dessert.

By the way, sansrival really stands by its name - definitely no rival for its yumminess!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got Drugged, Got Tired but Not Giving Up

It has been ages since I wrote about our work ups. I would be fooling myself if I would say that we were just okay after the failed IUI. So I just sulked and nursed my frustrations. And finally, we decided that we just have to stop with the medications.

Got Drugged...

I felt like my body is full of medicines. There are oral medications and injectibles that were given to me for the past months. Though I know that the real and primary reason for taking them is to have a baby, somehow I am also afraid of the side effects that come along with these drugs. After the oral contraceptive that was prescribed to me, I want to detoxify and flush the chemicals that got into my body.

Got Tired...

I know this happened not just once, it happened to me twice now. When I get tired, I know I just have to rest. I am not speaking about having to rest with the work ups. My body just got to rest so that I am more prepared to the next journey.

but Not Giving Up...

Definitely, we are not giving up just yet! Our OB mentioned something about IVF. Though we can still opt for IUI, our OB is giving us this option, too. Financially speaking, we would need to save up for this one - REALLY save up. We got the figure for the cost for my age but again, this is something that needs to be planned.

We are NOT giving up. Every month we still try without the aid of science and medicines. And what is good about this, is that, there is less pressure and less expectations. We believe that it is still the Creator who would make us instruments in bringing life in this world.

At last... an update

Yes, fellas I am still alive. I am just too lazy to update my blog but I am still doing some blog hopping every once in a while. So what happened in the last 2 weeks? Let me try to recall and put them here one by one ...


Hubby and I missed the chance to go to Batangas with the Lagman's. It was the fiesta in my sister's place in Batangas last October 3 and the whole family stayed in Batangas for 2 days. Too bad we had tons of work to do that week. So we just went to my mom's place on October 5 to get some news about their trip and to get the stuffs my sister sent us. Thanks ate Rita for the goodies and we love the daing so much! :)


Got so high with shopping during the 3 day sale in SM Clark. For the past few months, I was holding back myself from shopping ( so much with our expenses with the work ups and with the increasing expenses of almost everything in this world - ok OA ata un, heheh). But I was back to my normal self so I indulged in shopping. Got myself pants, blouses, shoes, undies, sleepwears, a gold necklace and got hubby wallet, perfume and boxers.


Last Saturday was the perfect day to bum around - so we did just that. The weather is so conducive to cuddle, to be a couch potato and to be a gluton, bwahaha! We suspended our laundry day and took the chance to rest. Hon cooked lunch, which is fried chicken (ala Max's) and togue with beef strips while I prepared dinner. We had tri-color twister pasta with garlic and herb sauce and toast for that night. Then we finished dinner with frozen mango yougurt (this is just the Nesvita zero-fat yougurt which was placed in the freezer for 3 hours) for dessert. This is quite healthy than having to ingest thousand calories with the regular ice cream. Ew, we're becoming health conscious! :)


Then on Sunday, we did the laundry in the morning and pampered ourselves in the afternoon. We had foot spa. It was actually the first experience of hubby. He liked it but he also commented something like this, "Ah un pala ang foot spa. Hon, massage lang pala at aalisan ka lang ng libag sa paa eh!". I was really laughing so hard with that. Then we just had dinner at Gerry's Grill - tried their dinakdakan and grilled dory fish. Both are yummy!


So basically, that was it for the past two weeks! For those who are following our fertility work ups, I will give an update (why there is no update about it) in the next post.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Wednesday Again...

Mich's Wednesday Happy Thoughts...

Happiness is....

  1. No work for today
  2. Lunch at Perfect Loaf
  3. Getting to visit the baby of a friend who was confined in the hospital
  4. Payday for my side jobs
  5. Mall sale
  6. Waking up late
  7. Good health for me, hubby and our parents
  8. Bonding with hubby
  9. Being able to manage our set up without a helper
  10. Being able to iron things out every time there are some petty quarrels