Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

For the first time, I would be joining Mich in her Wednesday Happy Thoughts.

Happiness is...
  1. Having more side jobs coming
  2. Sticking with my budget plans
  3. A new fully automatic washing machine
  4. A good friend decided to stay in the company
  5. A sister in law who listens to most of my stories (with sense or non-sense)
  6. Fruit yogurt in the morning
  7. Waking up early feeling recharged
  8. Beating all my deadlines (including with the side jobs)
  9. Loss some flabs on my tummy
  10. A good realization that we would beat the odds, no matter what happens...


popcorn said...

Hi Arlene :)

Yeah, happiness is losing all the flags ;)

btw, what's a fully automatic washing machine ? Anong difference nya sa non-automatic machine ?

Mich said...

thanks for joining sis! :)

happy Friday!

Mye said...

that's what really happiness means - being happy =)