Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka...

Yeah, I really want to sing this to hubby.... Why? He is supposed to be flying to Cebu tomorrow for a conference (this was postponed twice already - first was last July) but for now, he would still be stuck with me (still as my driver, bweheheh). I was already expecting this, since last month they also postponed it during the bad weather. So I think 5 (tama ba?) straight days of heavy rains is enough sign to delay this conference. And anyway, hirap kayang mag commute nang umuulan! I would really need my husband to drive me to and from my work.

So hon, whenever it rains heavily, you're stuck with me --- literally and figuratively!!! Umm, nagiging mushy tong post ko. :)


popcorn said...

uuuy! ;)

Mich said...

uuuy, mushy nga! LOL!

tagged you sis -

sakto sa pagiging mushy mo. hehehe!