Monday, August 25, 2008

Sooo Sick

I am down with flu, fever and cough. This started last Friday night. So we do not have any choice but stay at home even if it's another long weekend. Hay, this is so sad... I have been planning for something special for this weekend since it's our 7th year wedding anniversary (last Sunday) but hubby thought that we just need to stay at home and get a lot of rest(for me).

Hay... my bed side table now has these stuffs:

1. tissue for my running nose
2. vicks for my clogged nose (but I don't like it)
3. medicines - I am taking co-amoxiclav, erdosteine and anti-histamine.
4. fruits - that is Davao suha on the picture and yesterday I had guapple.
5. tumbler of water - water therapy is still the best.

I just wish that I would feel better now since tomorrow is another working day. But even if I am sick, we managed to take a picture of us together on our 7th wedding anniversary.
More kwento about how we celebrated it in the next post (me kwento pa rin pala kahit sa bahay lang, heheh)


maanne said...

yey, happy anniversary!
get well soon sis! take care!

God bless!

Mye said...

get well soon sis! =)

got an award for you!

AiDiSan said...

Happy Anniversary Jo...aydo ambuski masakit alang kamatayan posing pa rin ne? hehehe.