Monday, August 18, 2008

A Long Weekend

Thanks for holidays and we are enjoying a long weekend. As hubby mentioned last Friday, the theme for the weekend is RELAXATION. We both need that after some stress at home and at work. Last Saturday, we just stayed the whole day at home watching shows and movies which were shown in cable. We just laze around - sleep, eat, watch and sleep again... hay life !

Yesterday, it was mall day. We just heard mass at SM and had early lunch at Cabalen with their eat all you can. I was craving for kare-kare so hubby suggested that we eat at Cabalen. Hay, we were so full. We had bulalo soup, pako salad, kwek kwek, kare-kare, arroz valenciana, grilled hito, grilled squid, ginataang kohol, kilawin, crispy kangkong, tahong and halo halo. Too bad they don't have the adobong balut, which I love (and too bad no pcitures of the food). We were so full that we got lazy to check the stores. So we decided to watch a movie instead so that we can just sit and relax (again). We checked the movies being shown and chose The X Files. Not a bad choice, the movie is full of action and suspense. We capped the night by watching Evan Almighty at HBO.

And today, we are still on the same theme - relax, relax, relax. We just went to the mall again in the morning to deposit the salaries of the writers and had a quick lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, been craving for California Maki this time and beef misono. Then we went to AstroVision to buy some CDs. After a few minutes of scanning the racks of CDs, I chose Ever After and A Walk in the Clouds - classic diba? Then hubby got a 1981 classic too - TAPS and one not so classic, The Rockstar. So we hurried to go home for our movie marathon. I love chilling out this way... hay I love life!!


AiDiSan said... the highest level in relaxation yung papush...o sya harapan mu naman ing bucket mu...hahaha.

have a great thursday Jo:)

Mich said...

sarap mag relax ano? i love weekends like that! :)

tagged you btw

alpha said...

naku nakakatabang weekend naman yan :D

thanks sa comment.. oo nga, ok talaga ang plants sa bahay, nililinis din nila yung air.