Friday, August 8, 2008

Have a Lucky 08-08-08!!!!

Is it really a lucky date? I heard from the news that there were a lot of weddings held during this day and some even got the spot for 8 am or the 8 pm. There were also many ceasarian section deliveries scheduled on this date. And guess how many other people took advantage of the date to open a new business, to transfer to a new house and to take other important ventures! And of course as of this writing, we are watching the colorful opening of the Beijing Olympics. It must really be lucky...

And do you see what I am doing? I am writing a post on this date. I would not want to miss it myself. But whether it's lucky or not, it does not matter anymore. All I know is that this very strange (as well as lucky) date of 08-08-08 will only happen ONCE in my entire lifetime! So might as well make a mark (and a post) on this date on this blog.

Have a lucky 08-08-08 everyone!!!

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caryn said...

hahahah! i do know 2 couples who got hitched on that day ;-) i do hope its lucky for them and for all who got married on that day!

popcorn said...

Hi Arlene! Hope that 08-08-08 brought you lots of blessings and good luck.

I have an award for you at:

Good luck sa IUI.