Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dating 101

Okay, I'll bombard this blog with tags.. I just need an outlet and blogging it is!

From Mich...

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1. When was your first kiss and where?
..::.. I was 20 sa rooftop ng condo ..::..

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?
..::.. When I was in third year college... how long it last? still on going.. bwahaahhah..::..

3. What age were you allowed to date?
..::.. My parents did not really set one but they were open when there were suitors coming in to our house when I was in 2nd year college (so 19 na ko non)..::..

4. What’s the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?
..::.. Nung teenager - none! Pero nung 20 yrs old na I made some white lies all for the sake of luv! ..::..

5. How long was your longest relationship and what’s the secret?
..::.. First and last si Vox.. We would be celebrating our 7th year wedding anniv this month.. the secret? cliche as they may sound na pero they really work - trust, communication, understanding and knowing the very foundation why you are with this person ..::..

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?
..::.. 1 year and 1 month ..::..

7. How did you know he was the ONE?
..::.. Vox knows this answer by heart -- There was "magic"! hehehe ..::..

8. Now, at what age will you allow your kids(s) to date?
..::.. 18? or may be earlier? Hehehe! I just read somewhere that we need not underestimate kids... Who knows my kid will be more responsible than I was when I was 18. Naku I really have the tendency to spoil kids, hahah ..::..

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?
..::.. I'll try my VERY best to be in between. .::..

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?
..::.. Just enjoy it! It is through these dates that she would be able to get to know different people. Know her limitations and set her priorities (hala nagiging serious na to!) ..::..


mari said...

mare, grab ko ito ha :) post ko sa baby blog... at balang araw basahin ko uli ang sagot ko pag ready na magdate si baby :p

Mich said...

thanks for playing along sis!