Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's for Breakfast?

You see with my busy schedule as a working wife, I seldom find time to cook. Good thing my husband loves doing this during weekends so most often, he cooks for me if we would not go out for lunch or dinner during the weekends. This has been the set up since my tita cum yaya cum manicurista (she's all-in-one) stayed with us. I love this set up since my tita already knows what to do when we are out for work during weekdays. And at least I am sure that with her in our house, there is nothing to worry. So as a gratitude for all her help, she gets to spend the weekends with her family.

And since I am loving being a bum for one week now, I get to cook breakfast for today. I am no-expert when it comes to cooking but I can cook. I used to love cooking during the first few years when we moved in to our own house. Probably I was loving the feel of bahay-bahayan then. After that I did not know what happened but all I knew is that hubby needs to request (actually beg me) first before I do my thing in our kitchen. Ah, now I know why I stopped cooking - it's because I know someone will do the cooking for me and that I got lazy (haha!).

Anyway, here is what we had for breakfast. German franks, toasted bread and my special scrambled egg (this one has green bell pepper, cheese cubes, a dash of nutmeg and oregano and some Parmesan cheese for toppings). Since this happens once in a blue moon I just got to document and take a photo of it, heheh!

Also on a second thought, I think I would rather love cooking during weekends because hubby gets to wash the dishes after. Another thing, I prepared fruit salad yesterday. Hubby is craving for it and good thing we all have the ingredients in our pantry. This time he need not beg me to do it because I am not doing anything at home. Can you now hear my hubby wishing that I'll just stay forever at home and no longer work in an office? Oh well I am wishing the same thing..... but I guess it's not yet the perfect time for that!

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