Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missing Mom's Cooking

I feel pampered every time we go to my parents' place. That's because my mother cooks delicious food which I really crave. For just this week, we went to their place twice (Tuesday and Friday). And I am doing this post now while we're here (at their house). Hubby just don't want me to be all alone that is why he asked me to have a sleepover yesterday. Do you think I would say NO to such invitation? Never! Hubby has meeting today and I was left here with my parents and of course with my pamangkins. So as you see I was so occupied with every stay we have here - actually sa tanong at kakulitan lang ng mga anak ng kuya ko di ko na namalayan at tapos na pala ang araw.

Anyway, as I mentioned being here at my mom's place is the best. She actually cooked ginataang mais (rice porridge with coconut milk and corn) once for our snacks. It has been like ages since I tasted that truly Filipino mirienda. And for lunch, we're having kare-kare. I remembered when we were in college, every time we go home during weekends, we look forward for her special kare-kare. Nothing really beats going home to the house where you spent most of your life. And I must admit, I really miss mom's cooking. It's still the best!


mari said...

i miss my mom's cooking too... if possible ngang ipadala yung mga niluluto nya, ginawa ko na. hay, ang hirap ng buntis na malayo sa mommy :(

Arlene Tabamo said...

hay sis.. padala mo - pwedeng i-can un and have it sent to your home. :)

isipin mo na lang mare, at least ikaw buntis! inggit naman ako dun :)