Sunday, July 6, 2008

Insurance, Shopping and Cheesecake

We were dead tired last Thursday. The day started by going to the OB for my check up. And as expected, I was number 11 even if we came there around 9 AM. So while waiting, we went to LTO Angeles for some papers. Then we went back to the clinic. The details of my check up will be in another post.

Right after my check up we went to Makati to submit some papers for my mother-in-law's insurance claim. On our way to Makati, hubby had a hard time figuring out the no U-turn, no left turn and one-way roads in Makati. It's been quite awhile since we've been there so we were somehow on the loose. Anyway, the moment we got to Makati, we had lunch at Delifrance at Paseo de Roxas and then went ahead to the insurance company. And since we were already there, we tried to check out insurance quote. Good thing all the papers needed for my mom-in-law's benefit claim were complete and we just have to wait for the proceeds to be deposited on her account.

We then drove to UST to talk to another auntie about my MIL's retirement certificate. When we were done with our agenda for going to the city, we opted to do some shopping in Greenhills. You see, it's been awhile since the last time I shopped, so for me Greenhills is like heaven that time. And the highlight of the day? Stuffing my tummy with white chocolate pistachio from Cheesecake, etc - yummy! Though tired, shopping and a cheesecake made my day!

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