Sunday, July 13, 2008

I feel like a grade 1...

...who is going to a big school on the first day of classes. Waaaaah!!! From the time I started working, this is the first time that I had a long vacation - as in 2 weeks straight. I feel like it would be my first day in school again tomorrow but this time I am not that excited - actually I do not want to got back to my work, bwahahahah!

With this two weeks break, I got to love being a stay-at-home housewife even for a short time because..

~I can do everything I want.
~I can wake up in the morning late or wake up early and sleep again after hubby leaves for work.
~I can watch tv for hours.
~I can blog and squeeze in a little writing gigs.
~I can have long chats with friends.
~I can help hon with his tuck in and buttoning of his long sleeves.
~I can prepare breakfast for hon and ready his vitamins.
~We can have breakfast, lunch and dinner together (usually, we just have dinner together kc).
~We can go home to my parents' place or visit relatives anytime of the day.
~I can arrange more stuffs at home ( Tita & I got to arrange the dining, living, storage room and bedroom).
~I can surf and participate in forums.
~I am home first.
~I can rest for long hours anytime of the day.
~I get to walk hubby to the car and kiss him before going to work everyday. (I love this scene - I really feel like I am a "housewife", haha! Usually kasi he drives me to work first then he goes back home and prepare for his work naman)

Hay, there are more pa that I know I forgot. It's just that I got to appreciate being at home and playing a doting wife role. And I must say I really love playing that role so much. And tomorrow I am back to playing a working wife role. Though I am not really that happy with that one still I need to.

The bottomline: Sarap lang talaga kasing magpaka-bum for awhile! hehehe!


Mich said...

haay, pangarap ko din yan, magpaka-bumb pero impossible na yata with a toddler in tow. hihihi...

youre right sis, big girl na talga si Alex and (hopefully) ready to be an Ate. :D

Arlene Tabamo said...

hay sis sarap nga.. kakamiss nga ngayon eh :(