Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Luck to Us

I remember when I was still studying, I always hate writing thesis, research paper or even movie reviews. Probably because I hate researching then and I am just not so good with the formal writing styles being used in these papers. But I am quite amazed that I have written a few then to think I am not comfortable doing these writings. So I think I deserve a pat on the shoulder then, don’t you think? Haha!

Is that the reason why my cousin called me to help her with her papers? She didn’t know she was making the biggest mistake in her life by involving me with her thesis, lols. I don’t know if my mind is still capable of producing a juicy formal paper.

She asked me, what is a dissertation and dissertation template? Actually, I am not quite familiar with those that is why I am now going to gather more information about them. I think I would really need to do my own researching before I could go my way and help her.

I even kidded her why not just buy an essay paper instead? Anyway, just wish us luck. I hope we would be able to do this.

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