Monday, July 7, 2008

A Date with Hancock

Last Saturday, hubby and I had the time to watch a movie. But before going to the movie, we went to the hospital to get some papers for my SSS sickness benefits and the result of the biopsy for the lump they removed from my uterus. And the result? No malignant cells found. Great! Awesome! Fantastic! Hay, was able to breathe finally! Then we went to Our Lady of Carmelite to again thank the Lord. And since we are already near Ystilo Salon, I decided to have a haircut. I will try to post a pic soon. It's shorter this time!

Then finally, we went to mall to have a lunch and watch the movie. Actually, I do not have any slight idea about the movie but since hubby said that we first watch Hancock over Monster Mom, I just agreed. There are so many people watching Monster Mom since it's weekend so it is just right that we'll watch it during a weekday.

There are funny scenes in the movie and I did not know that Hancock is a hero. The only problem is that he makes things worse every time he comes to the rescue. There was even an incident where instead of stopping the train to save the life of the person inside a car, he caused so much damage to the other cars in the traffic – some were totally wrecked. I could just imagine those people affected to be rushing their way to get a new car loan.

Anyway, I did not like the ending. Being a hopeless romantic as well as an advocate for fighting for one true love, I just could not take it that as a hero, he could not be with the one he loves. So sad! So after a date with Hancock, now I am waiting for a date with Monster Mom. I hope I’ll enjoy this movie of Anabelle Rama.

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