Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scared to Drive

I admit I am really scared to drive. I used to be so eager to drive. I remember during high school I asked my brothers to teach me how. I drove inside an old cemetery, in a subdivision in the making and in and out of our spacious front yard. I even bumped then on our small kubo which made my mom shrieked in horror. My brothers made me drive different vehicles (from XLT jeepneys, tamaraw FX and Pajero type AUVs) since my father’s business then is assembling AUVs. I get to try these vehicles before they sell them.

Fast forward to today. Here is the scene with one of our conversation. Hubby has a meeting in Manila and he’s on color coding so he can’t bring the car with him.

Hubby: Bat di ka pa kasi magdrive para hatid mo na lang ako sa terminal tapos dalhin mo na lang ang sasakyan sa office mo para di ka mag commute.

Me: Ayoko. Natatakot pa ko.

Hubby: Chaka para pag me inuman makakainum na ko kasi me magdadrive na. (iniinis pa ko)

Me: Lalong ayoko na.

Yes, I am scared to drive. One reason is I got traumatized when my brother had a motorcycle accident. He got those titanium plates now on his face – that worst! I can still recall how he looked like when I first saw him in the hospital and it still scares me until now. And then, most often than not when hubby is driving I could not help but get mad too with those reckless tricycle and jeepney drivers.

And then one day while talking with my brother, he mentioned that my cousin who is just 12 years old is now driving too but just within their place in Australia. Hayun, nahiya tuloy ako sa sarili ko. Here is a young boy who’s so brave enough to drive while I am here a 28 year old woman still scared to drive. I know I got to get over with this fear. Parang gusto ko na ulit mag drive. Bastat, tingnan na lang natin, lols!

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Mina said...

have the same fear girl, but one of our challenges is to face our fears:) Anyway, please join in my EC contest if you have time The Cutest Thing Vintage Pix Contest