Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Day with Pac Man

I'm back! :) The hysteroscopy story will follow - promise un kasi I'll be on leave for 2 weeks (bed rest ako kahit di pa buntis). So basically I would have more time for blogging.

We just had a simple family day here at our house. My parents as well as my siblings(except my sister's family who are in Batangas) stayed at our house. They were actually here to check on me after my minor procedure that was done last Thursday. My mom was with us since Thursday and my siblings and father came not until yesterday. And since we know that the Pacquiao-Diaz match is the perfect time to bond with the family, hubby got a pay-per-view for the match. My father was uber happy being a great fan of boxing and Pacquiao, of course. He was just glad to watch the game without waiting for each round and watching all the commercials of Pacquiao in between. :)

Anyway, all of us were happy watching the match and of course, because Pac Man won again (with no scar or what so ever on his face, tindi talaga!). Actually, it is not really about the winning of Pacquiao. It's having a great time with the whole family, eating non-stop, endless chit chats and cute kulitans with the pamangkins. The house was really filled with loud conversations and laughters (and sometimes crying of my pamangkins) - ang saya kahit magulo at maingay!

They just went home and suddenly the house is again so silent - just the tv, hum of the aircon and honey's snores that I could hear. I think we really should work on a baby (FAST) so that the house will be filled with cries and giggles of a baby - those I think would really be music to our ears.

my pamangkins invading our room

ang kulit!

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