Monday, June 30, 2008

Done with Step 2 - Hysteroscopy

June 25, 2008

I filed a vacation leave so that I can prepare for my hysteroscopy the next day. I was so full of emotions. I am worried and afraid. Then there is another thing that stressed me. We were supposed to get a medicine, Cytotec which I need to use the night before the procedure so that the cervix would open. But then we have scouted almost all hospitals in Pampanga to no avail. I called the clinic of my OB and the assistant mentioned that they are really hard to find and I just have to get them from another patient who would have her hysteroscopy on that same day also. I think this one got those medicines from the med rep.

I just felt relieved when we went to my parents' place to fetch my mom. My cousins, sister-in-law and my brother's GF were there to assure me that I have nothing to be worried about and that all I need to think of is that after this, we will already have a baby of our own. Though I am scared, I had a good sleep in the evening.

June 26, 2008 - It's the Day!

We woke up at 7AM, had breakfast (hubby and mom lang coz I need to fast - no food and drink for me since midnight of June 25), packed our things and then got ready to go to the hospital. We first went to Our Lady of Carmelite Monastery to say a little prayer. I prayed the prayer before surgery which was given to me by my friend, Minette. Then at 9AM, we were already at Garcia Medical Center. It was also that time that I met the other patient who would also undergo hysteroscopy that day - she'll go first then I'll follow. She showed me the medicines that we needed. You know, I felt a little relieved that I am with someone who would undergo everything that I would be undergoing. Hay, it's the feeling na di ako nag-iisa.

At the Emergency Room

We paid the deposit then headed to the ER. That was the time that they put the IVF. I have never been confined in my entire life so I am so scared of these needles and injections. So while the nurse was tying this rubber band on my wrist, I tried to fight that fear and watched how the nurse inserted the needle in my vein. The nurse even kidded me, "Maam mag aray ka naman." Actually, I just don't want to react and be the topic of the nurses' discussion afterwards that is why I tried not to make a scene, lols. Also, it was not that painful anyway. After that I faced hubby and said, "O good girl ako, di ba?".

Next, they wheeled me to our room and they gave us some instructions. A moderate enema was also done. We watched TV while waiting for the time. At around 1PM the nurse did the skin test. This one was painful!

At the Operating Room

That was about 2PM when the nurse came in and casually said, "Tara na maam." While they wheeled me to the operating room, I was just hearing my heartbeat. They have me changed with the OR gown. While sited on the wheel chair, my anesthesiologist, Dr. Henson came and explained what he'll be doing. He assured me that I won't feel anything since he will just put me to sleep. I think he can see how nervous I am.

Dr. Co-Sy came and greeted me. Then they let me lie on the operating table and Dr. Henson injected something in the IV. 1..2...3 then I doze to deep sleep. The next thing I remembered is that someone tapped my legs and said "Maam tapos na po". Then I felt that they wheeled me somewhere (the recovery room) and suddenly I had chills and then I think I slept again. I was awake when they wheeled me out of the recovery room (around 6 PM) and saw the faces of hubby and my mother. Hubby said that they got some small lumps from my uterus.

The moment we reached our room, I asked when would I get to eat food. I was so hungry. I got to taste food again at around 8PM that night. I did not feel anything painful so Dr. Henson was not lying when he said that i would not feel anything.

The next morning, my OB came to give me some medicines and remind me about our next check up. She said that she will have us watch the video they got from the hysteroscopy though she said hubby and my mother already saw the lumps that were removed.

I really want to see those small lumps. Those were the culprits. They may be small but look at the damage they gave me - I have been childless for long because of those. Di naman halatang galit ako sa mga bukol na yon, noh?!

Anyway, the procedure is really NO sweat! I think I can proudly say that now, OA lang ako nung una. Haay, good thing I was not traumatized with the experience. I have been praying for that. So right now, we'll just wait for the follicle monitoring on July 3.


milet said...

ganyan talaga pag una. mejo oa, worry ng worry pero after that wala na. i do hope next time na punta ka sa ospital un na.


Eds said...

Great! It was good hearing from you that the operation went well and no aray at the same time... ( xcept for the skin test, masakit tlga un! ) ..

Anyways, Goodluck sa next procedure sis!

Sa wakas, mabilis na lahat nyan sis.. pati si junior {*giggles*}

Jean Marie said...

you go girl! i wish magka baby ka na.Haaay naku, mas natakot yata ako ngayon. remember the time i commented na di rin me na-preggy even we "did"it? naku, baka pareho tayo! baka di pa lang time yung sakin. Hehehe...