Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Busy Bee

Or you can say nagbibisi-busy-hang bee... teehee! By the way, thanks for those who are still dropping by to check my blog. I know I do not have much updates - sorry po. Then there are some tags that I need to do. I'll try my best to answer them.

Actually I was not able to blog because our house is a mess. We have some renovations at our bedroom and as you might guess a house is jammed when a construction is being done. Our stuffs are all over the place - as in! We need to even take the cable cord at the living room so that we can set up the computer. Though hubby's laptop has we roam, it becomes useless since we have no smart signal inside the house. So there I only have limited time going online - mostly to submit some writing jobs.

So here is what I can afford at this time - some bulleted stuffs to share:

  • Last Friday hubby surprised me with a simple and sweet dinner at Red Crabs (siguro dahil Friday the 13th, lols!). I ordered Haagen Dazs dulce de leche milkshake and it was heaven for me! I know I took a photo of it - I think it's at hubby's phone. Will try to upload it.

  • Trip to Tuguegarao was canceled since hubby's GMs were the ones who came to Pampanga for their grand BST. But hubby mentioned that we would still go there and it would be better since we would go there for a little business and MORE of pleasure. When kaya?

  • Had a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. That means we need to wait for my period so that we can see our OB again and plan the perfect work up for this cycle.


Mich said...

wow sis mukhang heavenly nga yang shake na yan! natakam ako bigla. hehehe! abangan ko ung photo ha! ;)

Toni said...

Hello, have been checking out you blog this morning. I wanted to wish you luck in the baby department!

jeanny said...

Hi. Just dropiing by sis.

Your in my prayers din sis. TC :)

ivy said...

sis hold on tight!

baby dust!