Friday, June 6, 2008

Anything Goes...

I just finished watching LOBO and I just can't help it - I was crying during the scene when Lyka (Angel) run to Noah (Papa Pio) after saving her life. Haaay pure love! Good thing hubby has a visitor and he could not see me cry - pagtatawanan lang ako non. Golly, I was crying with a bit of hiccups pa. I just love the story of Lobo. Addict na nga ako!


I have been so busy the past few days that is why I haven't updated this blog for almost a week. Been so busy adjusting with the added loads we have at work and I am just so exhausted when I get home. Then I still have some writing gigs that I need to squeeze in. So you can just imagine how tried I am when I hit the bed.


From my follicle monitoring last June 3, they saw one egg on my left ovary but I am afraid I would still need laparoscopy. Probably I would discuss this in a separate entry. I got sad for awhile but now I am very much okay. Anything just to get a heartbeat inside my womb!


Hubby would have a grand BST on the third week of June in Tuguegarao and he wants me to come with him. Not yet sure if we would bring a car or just take those first class buses. This would be a long drive so we are thinking of taking the bus. I am quite excited though. I've never been there but I read there is not much to do there. Ey, I am not there for a vacation, right? My husband has work to do so probably no much time for really checking out the place.


Most people I know have already read Tuesdays with Morrie. So was I the last person to read the book? (I hope not!) I started to read the book last Sunday and finished it the same day. It's a very great book - so much things to ponder on how to live a worthwhile life. It made me feel so satisfied with what I currently have. Did you people cry too? I am a certified cry-baby and I admit I cried with some scenes while reading the book. Iyakin to the max!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo is waiting for me, too. Again, am I the last person to read the book? It is just now that I get to squeeze in reading in my schedule. And that is the reason why it is just now that I get to read these famous books. As they say, it's better late than never!


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Arlene. I've been very busy too and haven't updated my blog for several days. I'm back to normal blogging this week and hope to catch up with friends like you. Take care and happy weekend.

MiLeTTe said...

it was my first time to watch lobo last night. ang drama pa ng eksena. lol!

regarding naman sa tuesdays with morrie, i cried too. madaming beses. paulo c. is really good noh?

have a great weekend. take a rest from the pressures of work !

Mich said...

hi sis! pareho tayo, i'm so loving Lobo now. every night inaabangan talga namin ni Hubby and make sure na panoorin everyday. hehehe!

Avee said...

hi sis, i am also watching lobo, i like the tandem and the story.

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Sunshine4Life said...

Hi Arlene, i like this post. small paragraphs but it speaks a lot. I am not a Lobo fan but I cry too when watching movies, read books, and just anytime when ican relate and my heart gets heavy. after th cry i feel better. hehehee

by the way, that book Tw/M is very famous bt til now haven't read it yet. :D hope to get a hold of it one day. i want to read the whole of it.

and another thing, ur added in my new blog and i would appreciate it if you can come back to visit and add me to ur blog list. :) take care and God bless.

see ya there!