Monday, June 30, 2008

Done with Step 2 - Hysteroscopy

June 25, 2008

I filed a vacation leave so that I can prepare for my hysteroscopy the next day. I was so full of emotions. I am worried and afraid. Then there is another thing that stressed me. We were supposed to get a medicine, Cytotec which I need to use the night before the procedure so that the cervix would open. But then we have scouted almost all hospitals in Pampanga to no avail. I called the clinic of my OB and the assistant mentioned that they are really hard to find and I just have to get them from another patient who would have her hysteroscopy on that same day also. I think this one got those medicines from the med rep.

I just felt relieved when we went to my parents' place to fetch my mom. My cousins, sister-in-law and my brother's GF were there to assure me that I have nothing to be worried about and that all I need to think of is that after this, we will already have a baby of our own. Though I am scared, I had a good sleep in the evening.

June 26, 2008 - It's the Day!

We woke up at 7AM, had breakfast (hubby and mom lang coz I need to fast - no food and drink for me since midnight of June 25), packed our things and then got ready to go to the hospital. We first went to Our Lady of Carmelite Monastery to say a little prayer. I prayed the prayer before surgery which was given to me by my friend, Minette. Then at 9AM, we were already at Garcia Medical Center. It was also that time that I met the other patient who would also undergo hysteroscopy that day - she'll go first then I'll follow. She showed me the medicines that we needed. You know, I felt a little relieved that I am with someone who would undergo everything that I would be undergoing. Hay, it's the feeling na di ako nag-iisa.

At the Emergency Room

We paid the deposit then headed to the ER. That was the time that they put the IVF. I have never been confined in my entire life so I am so scared of these needles and injections. So while the nurse was tying this rubber band on my wrist, I tried to fight that fear and watched how the nurse inserted the needle in my vein. The nurse even kidded me, "Maam mag aray ka naman." Actually, I just don't want to react and be the topic of the nurses' discussion afterwards that is why I tried not to make a scene, lols. Also, it was not that painful anyway. After that I faced hubby and said, "O good girl ako, di ba?".

Next, they wheeled me to our room and they gave us some instructions. A moderate enema was also done. We watched TV while waiting for the time. At around 1PM the nurse did the skin test. This one was painful!

At the Operating Room

That was about 2PM when the nurse came in and casually said, "Tara na maam." While they wheeled me to the operating room, I was just hearing my heartbeat. They have me changed with the OR gown. While sited on the wheel chair, my anesthesiologist, Dr. Henson came and explained what he'll be doing. He assured me that I won't feel anything since he will just put me to sleep. I think he can see how nervous I am.

Dr. Co-Sy came and greeted me. Then they let me lie on the operating table and Dr. Henson injected something in the IV. 1..2...3 then I doze to deep sleep. The next thing I remembered is that someone tapped my legs and said "Maam tapos na po". Then I felt that they wheeled me somewhere (the recovery room) and suddenly I had chills and then I think I slept again. I was awake when they wheeled me out of the recovery room (around 6 PM) and saw the faces of hubby and my mother. Hubby said that they got some small lumps from my uterus.

The moment we reached our room, I asked when would I get to eat food. I was so hungry. I got to taste food again at around 8PM that night. I did not feel anything painful so Dr. Henson was not lying when he said that i would not feel anything.

The next morning, my OB came to give me some medicines and remind me about our next check up. She said that she will have us watch the video they got from the hysteroscopy though she said hubby and my mother already saw the lumps that were removed.

I really want to see those small lumps. Those were the culprits. They may be small but look at the damage they gave me - I have been childless for long because of those. Di naman halatang galit ako sa mga bukol na yon, noh?!

Anyway, the procedure is really NO sweat! I think I can proudly say that now, OA lang ako nung una. Haay, good thing I was not traumatized with the experience. I have been praying for that. So right now, we'll just wait for the follicle monitoring on July 3.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Day with Pac Man

I'm back! :) The hysteroscopy story will follow - promise un kasi I'll be on leave for 2 weeks (bed rest ako kahit di pa buntis). So basically I would have more time for blogging.

We just had a simple family day here at our house. My parents as well as my siblings(except my sister's family who are in Batangas) stayed at our house. They were actually here to check on me after my minor procedure that was done last Thursday. My mom was with us since Thursday and my siblings and father came not until yesterday. And since we know that the Pacquiao-Diaz match is the perfect time to bond with the family, hubby got a pay-per-view for the match. My father was uber happy being a great fan of boxing and Pacquiao, of course. He was just glad to watch the game without waiting for each round and watching all the commercials of Pacquiao in between. :)

Anyway, all of us were happy watching the match and of course, because Pac Man won again (with no scar or what so ever on his face, tindi talaga!). Actually, it is not really about the winning of Pacquiao. It's having a great time with the whole family, eating non-stop, endless chit chats and cute kulitans with the pamangkins. The house was really filled with loud conversations and laughters (and sometimes crying of my pamangkins) - ang saya kahit magulo at maingay!

They just went home and suddenly the house is again so silent - just the tv, hum of the aircon and honey's snores that I could hear. I think we really should work on a baby (FAST) so that the house will be filled with cries and giggles of a baby - those I think would really be music to our ears.

my pamangkins invading our room

ang kulit!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tomorrow 2 pm, I'll be in the operating room for my hysteroscopy.

~I am a little bit afraid but somehow excited.
~I am worried but somehow I know we need to get the answers that way.
~I am stressed a bit but somehow thankful for all the support I am getting.

If you are reading this post, I know you are one of those people who take a little seconds of their time to join me in praying for the main reason why tomorrow I'll be in the operating room.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Busy Bee

Or you can say nagbibisi-busy-hang bee... teehee! By the way, thanks for those who are still dropping by to check my blog. I know I do not have much updates - sorry po. Then there are some tags that I need to do. I'll try my best to answer them.

Actually I was not able to blog because our house is a mess. We have some renovations at our bedroom and as you might guess a house is jammed when a construction is being done. Our stuffs are all over the place - as in! We need to even take the cable cord at the living room so that we can set up the computer. Though hubby's laptop has we roam, it becomes useless since we have no smart signal inside the house. So there I only have limited time going online - mostly to submit some writing jobs.

So here is what I can afford at this time - some bulleted stuffs to share:

  • Last Friday hubby surprised me with a simple and sweet dinner at Red Crabs (siguro dahil Friday the 13th, lols!). I ordered Haagen Dazs dulce de leche milkshake and it was heaven for me! I know I took a photo of it - I think it's at hubby's phone. Will try to upload it.

  • Trip to Tuguegarao was canceled since hubby's GMs were the ones who came to Pampanga for their grand BST. But hubby mentioned that we would still go there and it would be better since we would go there for a little business and MORE of pleasure. When kaya?

  • Had a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. That means we need to wait for my period so that we can see our OB again and plan the perfect work up for this cycle.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

For Dad

He surely is not the perfect father nor the typical father you might know. He is REALLY one of a kind (and he knows that) but he definitely is the

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for us.....

Tang, Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scared to Drive

I admit I am really scared to drive. I used to be so eager to drive. I remember during high school I asked my brothers to teach me how. I drove inside an old cemetery, in a subdivision in the making and in and out of our spacious front yard. I even bumped then on our small kubo which made my mom shrieked in horror. My brothers made me drive different vehicles (from XLT jeepneys, tamaraw FX and Pajero type AUVs) since my father’s business then is assembling AUVs. I get to try these vehicles before they sell them.

Fast forward to today. Here is the scene with one of our conversation. Hubby has a meeting in Manila and he’s on color coding so he can’t bring the car with him.

Hubby: Bat di ka pa kasi magdrive para hatid mo na lang ako sa terminal tapos dalhin mo na lang ang sasakyan sa office mo para di ka mag commute.

Me: Ayoko. Natatakot pa ko.

Hubby: Chaka para pag me inuman makakainum na ko kasi me magdadrive na. (iniinis pa ko)

Me: Lalong ayoko na.

Yes, I am scared to drive. One reason is I got traumatized when my brother had a motorcycle accident. He got those titanium plates now on his face – that worst! I can still recall how he looked like when I first saw him in the hospital and it still scares me until now. And then, most often than not when hubby is driving I could not help but get mad too with those reckless tricycle and jeepney drivers.

And then one day while talking with my brother, he mentioned that my cousin who is just 12 years old is now driving too but just within their place in Australia. Hayun, nahiya tuloy ako sa sarili ko. Here is a young boy who’s so brave enough to drive while I am here a 28 year old woman still scared to drive. I know I got to get over with this fear. Parang gusto ko na ulit mag drive. Bastat, tingnan na lang natin, lols!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Anything Goes...

I just finished watching LOBO and I just can't help it - I was crying during the scene when Lyka (Angel) run to Noah (Papa Pio) after saving her life. Haaay pure love! Good thing hubby has a visitor and he could not see me cry - pagtatawanan lang ako non. Golly, I was crying with a bit of hiccups pa. I just love the story of Lobo. Addict na nga ako!


I have been so busy the past few days that is why I haven't updated this blog for almost a week. Been so busy adjusting with the added loads we have at work and I am just so exhausted when I get home. Then I still have some writing gigs that I need to squeeze in. So you can just imagine how tried I am when I hit the bed.


From my follicle monitoring last June 3, they saw one egg on my left ovary but I am afraid I would still need laparoscopy. Probably I would discuss this in a separate entry. I got sad for awhile but now I am very much okay. Anything just to get a heartbeat inside my womb!


Hubby would have a grand BST on the third week of June in Tuguegarao and he wants me to come with him. Not yet sure if we would bring a car or just take those first class buses. This would be a long drive so we are thinking of taking the bus. I am quite excited though. I've never been there but I read there is not much to do there. Ey, I am not there for a vacation, right? My husband has work to do so probably no much time for really checking out the place.


Most people I know have already read Tuesdays with Morrie. So was I the last person to read the book? (I hope not!) I started to read the book last Sunday and finished it the same day. It's a very great book - so much things to ponder on how to live a worthwhile life. It made me feel so satisfied with what I currently have. Did you people cry too? I am a certified cry-baby and I admit I cried with some scenes while reading the book. Iyakin to the max!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo is waiting for me, too. Again, am I the last person to read the book? It is just now that I get to squeeze in reading in my schedule. And that is the reason why it is just now that I get to read these famous books. As they say, it's better late than never!