Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh My Gosh!!!

Yep, overacting as it may sound, that was my reaction a little bit earlier. We were just passing along the Mabalacat exit here in Clark when suddenly we were surprised with the traffic. Quite usual during mornings but then we were shocked to see the cause of the traffic. One car (seems like a brand new one) and a ten-wheeler truck (that is oh so big!) collided in a horrible accident. People gathered through the horrifying scene – I could see a man lying with blood and parts of the car next to him. And all I managed to do was close my eyes.

Then out of nowhere my husband said “I just hope those people have car insurance and life insurance as well.” Just then that I realized that we are lucky enough since we have a car insurance as well as individual life insurance, too. Such situations are already depressing but could become much depressing and stressful if you do not have money to spend with the repairs of the damages of the car or money to leave to your loved ones such unfortunate things happen. People sometimes complain that these insurance are just added expenses. True, in a way but then there are so many cheap car insurance or even life insurances that you check on. So as early as now scout and check the insurance that would suit your budget as well as your needs. For me, that horrible accident is enough as an eye opener to understand the benefits of these insurances.


Mina said...

I couldn't disagree with such reality:) btw, I tagged you on "Bring it on: My Best Quote for Wives"

popcorn said...

Scary naman yan.

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