Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Promise

Just now, I heard that Robinsons malls are on sale for 3-days. Oh these are the most awaited sales that mostly all of us are waiting for. If I am not just saving for “something” for these 2 months, probably I would be one of those people who are now inside the mall. Yes, I promised to myself that just for 2 months (May and June) I would try my best to control my spending. I checked on our expenses and observed that most of those spending were for my clothes and shoes. And when I checked my closet, some of those stuffs are not even worn yet. So there, I told myself and hubby that no more shoe or cloth purchase just yet. I tell you, I am really making a great improvement with my self discipline. I have been tempted to do shopping when SM malls had their sales and I managed not to buy any clothe or shoe, not to mention some officemates offering great items and online stores that give great promo. And now it’s Robinsons turn and again I am holding on to my promise.

But of course, the promise I made does not apply to house needs. I am planning to buy a drier. It has been raining for how many days now and our drier is no longer working. I heard there are so many driers that are on great discount if consumers will use their credit cards. I want one of those driers. It’s high time that I use again my credit card. As much as possible I do not want to use our credit cards. I just use them for buying appliances or gadgets. That, for me is the best way to use credit cards to make sure that you would not be left with piling interest and financial charges.

By the way, wish me luck. I just hope I would be able to hold on to that promise for another more month.

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