Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Money Management 101?

I could not help it but there are times that I tend to complain with so many expenses to be paid. What’s with the electric bill, water bill, home mortgage, broadband fee, cable fee, groceries and other unexpected expenses that you need to budget every month? Woohoo! This is the stressing part sometimes of being a wife. Yes, I complain sometimes but sure it does not end there. I sure have my own game plan. And every time I look back with all these, I could not help but pat my own shoulder for doing a great job with our budgeting. I am just full of myself, eh? :)

I just said those things since I think I really need to praise those wifeys (I am including myself here) who have managed to deal with their budgeting so well. It started when a childhood friend approached me yesterday and wants to ask for help in scouting a financial company that offers payday cash loans. She and her husband have stable jobs but probably because of so much unexpected expenses, they need a little reinforcement for their budgeting. We actually found one – it’s First Class Cash Advance. Out of curiosity, I checked how she applied online – you see, you’ll never know when you’ll be needing one so it’s better that you get to know these things this early. I didn’t know that you can apply that easy. And just earlier the cash was already deposited in her account.

For now, I can say that I do not need these payday cash loans, but I am still open for them should the strong need arises. They really help. They just helped a good friend in need!

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nymfa said...

Thanks for visiting my site! ... And for this cash loan tip... I'm hoping we won't need it... it's just good to have a simple but adorned life...