Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Journey Begins

Yes, after a long time of getting in and out of fertility work ups, now I can say that we are very much ready to face everything just to have a baby. And as I promised myself, I would want to document everything that we are undergoing with our work ups until we get pregnant. And what is the best way to do this? Of course, blog it! Anyway, this is not just for me since I know somewhere out there (song ba ito?) there is a single soul who can relate and is on the same boat like me. I just hope I can also impart significant information to those trying to conceive friends who have the same case like ours.

We went to the OB yesterday since I got my period last Friday just after posting this. We already got the result for my pap smear – everything is okay. Then Dra. Co-Sy scheduled my hysterosonogram on May 29 at 12 noon. She wants us to be there one hour before the actual procedure so that they can inject me with some pain relievers. I am expecting that the test could be somewhat painful but what the heck, I’ll know anyway if there really are polyps in my uterus and tubes. Really, I am excited and nervous – it’s a mixed feelings. By the way, I need to take antibiotics (Doxin) on May 27 to 31 just to make sure that I won’t get infection before and after hysterosonogram.

Also, I started taking fertility pills again. This time I am taking in Femara (letrazol) 2.5 mg tablets. I am taking them - all 8 of them in one single dosage on day 3 of my cycle. I took these tablets awhile ago. As I have researched, Femara is actually being used for breast cancer but it has been proven that Femara can aid in infertility. They say that it is much better than clomid or clomiphene citrate. Anyway, my body did not respond well with clomid the first time I took them that is the reason I took Arimedex after my second cycle of clomid. Femara is quite expensive though – Php 400 for 1 small tablet. Let’s see if Femara will do the trick so that we would no longer go to the next step after this month. But if it’s God’s will that we’ll go to the next step (which is laparoscopy), then we leave it all to HIM.


milet said...


goodluck. i read somewhere that test like that really are painful. but all the more worth it, kung ang result naman is another life, right,

goodluck. wag kayo masyado magpapastress because its also a factor for child bearing.

goodluck. my prayers are with you and your hubby.

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I pray for God's blessing in your life!

alpha said...

i hope you'll be blessed soon :D

maanne said...

good luck sis! buti k p, u have the courage and strength to continue the work ups! ako kc medyo nag-iisip p coz it adds more pressure on my part, i don't know, maybe i'm not yet ready for those procedures! in time i will have to face it! i'll be looking forward to your updates pra to get more infos!

Take care!

Arlene Tabamo said...

@milet - sabi nga nila masakit daw pero syempre di baling masaktan ng sandali bastat we would know the real problem. sayang kasi ang time din. thanks sis! :)

@ the mommy and me boutique - thanks so much :)

@alpha - oo nga, i hope sooner :)

@ maane - sis siguro tapos na ko sa stage na ganun... dati kasi ganyan din ako - grabe ung fear and disappointments pero naiisip ko parang walang mangyayari kung ganun palagi. i prayed for courage and i prayed that God will prepare me physically... sana nga ito na talga ito...

will keep you posted with all the happenings sa work up namin.

again, baby dust for us :)

AiDiSan said...


I commend your persistence & patience. I really hope things will turn out the way you pray and expect it to be.

Goodluck to you and Vox. said...

You have all the characteristics of a great mom-to-be (maganaka, malambing, malugud, gorgeous, kikay, funny, chena bangi) so I know God will grant your prayers... in His time.

God bless!

mari said...

mare andito lang kami for you :) we are helping you pray.
one step man yan, pero baka yan na yung last step for mommyhood! keep the faith :)

Arlene Tabamo said...

@aidisan - thanks dang. i really need those words to keep me hoping while we do all these wokups.

@anyfreebies - thanks dang! sana eka sumawang makiramdam kareng sentimyentu ku :)

@mari - sis, thanks. i hope this would be the last step na talga. :)

sana din ung sayo talgang baby na rin yan. good luck, mare :)