Saturday, May 17, 2008

It’s Official – It’s Already Rainy Season!

For how many days now, it’s been raining during the afternoon. And just yesterday it rained non-stop. Actually I am really wishing for a rainy weather on this weekend – for Saturday at least. It is really so hard to wake up early in the morning during week days when the weather is very conducive for curling (like a prawn) on the bed over a thick blanket. So I was looking forward to a rainy Saturday so that I could have a loooong sleep. And I did. The moment I woke up this afternoon I asked our house help to cook champorado or chocolate rice porridge. I am now recharged. Oh, I love life!

However, I am hoping that Sunday would not be a rainy one – it’s okay that it would rain but no heavy rains please. We need to accomplish so many errands tomorrow. These include running to the grocery for some stuffs at home, pay writers, go to the barbershop for hubby’s haircut and meet with an agent for the mortgage rates for another realtor. Yes, did I mention that we are planning to scout for a house and lot as an investment? We are not really in a hurry but we want to know the current mortgage rates so that we would be able to have a sound decision with this move. No final decisions just yet but we are already looking on the possibility of getting another lot. So better no more rains tomorrow.

By the way, I also remembered that tomorrow is my cousin’s Church wedding. Though we would not be able to attend the wedding, I just really hope that it would not rain on their special day. Oh, though officially it’s really a rainy season, no raining of cats and dogs tomorrow please.

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Nick Phillips said...

Lucky you. I wished it would rain my part of the world. The dry season has just started and it's sooooo hot, we could do with some rain ...