Friday, May 23, 2008

I am Excited

For the first time, I am excited to have my monthly period. Yes, you read that right. I know I am about to have it anytime now since I could feel some pain in my abdomen already. You might ask why all of a sudden I want to have my period when I was dying to get pregnant.

First, I finally accepted the fact that we need to continue with our workups . We really need those so that we can finally say that we are capable of having cute kiddos of our own. And this first day of my period for the month marks the start of a "big" event coming up.

Second, I need to have my monthly period so that we can schedule my hysterosonogram. This will help determine if indeed I have those chocolate cysts caused by endometriosis. And it is one way to determine if my tubes are patent or not. This procedure would be done on my 5th or 7th day.

I am really excited because I am dying to know what would be the result. I have very well prepared myself that if the result is good then at least we would know what is the next best thing to do. If the result would not be that good then I am ready to undergo laparoscopy. My OB mentioned that laparoscopy is the only procedure needed should we find out that I have those small polyps/fibroids.

I have been praying that whatever would be the best next step in our journey in dealing with infertility, may God prepare us physically and emotionally. Of course, financially also matters but we know that that places second.


Princess of CJ said...

looks like i am not just the one who gets excited for my period (just for other reason). :) i don't want to get preggy again yet, that's why.

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milet said...

just hold on to god on your journey. everything will turn out right.